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Industry Insights from MBACM’s Career Advisors

Sam Jones Technology: “When recruiting in tech, if you do not have a technical background, be sure to emphasize your data skills and how you use them to solve problems (e.g., R, SQL, regression, forecasting). If you do have a technical background, emphasize your influence and project management skills.  When answering the direct or implied

An Interview with Sunshine Singer, MBA Career Advisor

Sunshine Singer’s experience gives her a unique perspective on recruiting, and informs how she works with students who come in for advising appointments at MBACM. The Journal sat done with Sunny to get a better sense of what her past experience taught her about recruiting, and what advice she has from working with MBAs –

Candidate Profiles

In a campaign mired with scandal, accusations, and insults, it can be hard to learn where the candidates actually stand on a number of issues. We have scoured their websites to find out what their key policy plans are, and we’ve provided a briefing below. Candidate Profile: Hillary Clinton Party: Democratic Party Major Policy Positions:

A 2Y and a Career Rep’s Advice for Recruiting

First, a quick introduction. The boring stuff: I’m a Philly local, former Wharton undergrad, spent 4 years consulting for Boston Consulting Group. This summer, I worked as a strategy and operations intern for an SVP at Takeda (a job posted on CareerPath!) The fun stuff: I’m in HCM, operations co-chair for the Healthcare Business Conference,

How to Get Started

MBACM has A LOT of resources to help you with your job search. Whether you are recruiting at a large consulting firm or are talking to a start-up, MBACM has something to help you get prepared and take the next step in your search.   If you don’t know where to get started in this

An Interview with Michelle Hopping

Even in early October, the MBACM office is buzzing away. The lobby/waiting area reminds me of the 21 Bus that arrives at 17th and Walnut at 8:37AM – there isn’t an open seat to be found. Even though 1Y Recruiting hasn’t even begun in earnest, MBACM is already working with 1Ys and 2Ys to prepare



You may have seen in the news that the Republicans are almost guaranteed to hold the House of Representatives majority, regardless of the outcome up-ballot. But, how can everyone be so sure? The reason is because of an age-old tactic of gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the setting of electoral districts, and the process of redrawing district


Love Wins – From Paris to Philadelphia

While our love story goes further back in time, the proposal story took roots just over a year ago on a summer day in London/Paris. I am all for spontaneity and on that particular day I decided to surprise Navya with a day trip to Paris from London. Announcing my plan to do so only