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Top 10 Reasons to Go to the 2015 Consulting Conference

It’s time to register for the 2015 Wharton Consulting Conference taking place on Friday, October 23, and here are your Top 10 reasons why: It’s a can’t-miss event for anyone even thinking remotely about recruiting for consulting – at the very least so you can figure out if this industry is for you. Instead of

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Real Talk with Rent the Runway

It’s no surprise that women continue to lag behind men in the startup community. Few women join startups and even fewer found their own companies. Yet Rent the Runway—one of most successful ventures largely run by women—has proved that women can make a mark in the retail/tech industry. Beth Kaplan, COO of Rent the Runway,

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A Man Walks Into a Women’s Conference And…

“You know it’s all girls in there right?” chuckled the security guard, after staring at me up and down. I felt so violated. I first entered the Raffle Room, where 80 percent of the prizes didn’t apply to me. Can this jewelry coupon last for 5 years, for my imaginary future girlfriend? Can a dude


Top 10 Lessons We’ve Learned About Recruiting

RelishMBA ( is a digital recruiting platform that just launched at Wharton this year. We help top graduate business school students streamline their on- and off-campus recruiting processes and find relevant company and networking information for top MBA employers. If you think the MBA recruiting process is frustrating or inefficient or time-consuming, we’re here to


Top 5 Reasons to Try Acupuncture Today!

1. Turn the stress off Acupuncture is a treatment option that many medical institutions recommend. Even the United States Military uses acupuncture to help combat the stress of battle and pain. Both the NIH and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognize acupuncture for over 100 symptoms and diseases. Acupuncture and its effects are far from

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2015 State of Women at Wharton Survey

Results are in! The Wharton Journal in collaboration with Wharton Women in Business launched its Annual State of Women at Wharton Survey. Check out student sentiment on class participation, work-life balance, and equality expectations.


Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

This summer, Erin and I were preparing to pitch LashBee as part of an accelerator program. We had spent the better half of our Wharton second year working on LashBee, a semi-permanent eyelash extension service that uses product engineering and salon partnerships to make extensions safer, faster and more accessible. While not our first pitch, this

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Women, Whatever

I was barefoot in the kitchen making a sandwich the other day with the television playing in the background, when I was shocked to hear the news that TWO women are running for president. What a circus. I knew this would happen once we gave women the right to vote. This women’s stuff is out

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Real Men Stand Up for Gender Equality

“A man and his son are in a terrible car crash, and the father is killed. The son is rushed to the emergency room, and the emergency room attending physician sees the boy and says I can’t treat him, that’s my son. How is this possible?” We’ll get to the answer later. WWIB Week is

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B School and Pregnant

I got married the same year I decided to apply for business school. Then, for job related reasons, my new husband and I had to spend 6 months living apart. Once we were finally reunited, we knew we did not want to wait to start our family. But there I was, with my dream business