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Opinion: Women in Entrepreneurship, a challenging reality

At Wharton, female entrepreneurs require a particular brand of courage and resilience to pursue independent ventures. While entrepreneurship is risky overall, women face particular challenges. This begins in the classroom, with professors who inadvertently use male pronouns when referring to hypothetical situations involving successful founders and investors: “The only time you’ll see a VC wear

Opinion: Breaking the taboo on womanhood

When I was in middle school, I watched an episode of Anne Frank: The Whole Story in history class. The episode was supposed to cement for us the cruel realities of the Holocaust. To our teacher’s chagrin, this was the scene that captured the attention of our 12-year-old minds: Anne Frank goes to the bathroom


“A man’s job,” #WomenofWharton

“Make it happen for yourself.” These were Dad’s words of wisdom, our family motto, if you will. Figure out what needs to get done, and get it done. Don’t expect handouts, or expect it to be easy. Just make it happen.   Mom stayed at home to raise us, but would always tell us stories


Wharton Unveils Inaugural Lactation Rooms

When Gil Kaminski WG ’16 arrived on campus in August 2014 with infant in tow, she said she was surprised to learn that Huntsman Hall did not have a dedicated space where she could breastfeed or pump breast milk during the day. This week, Wharton unveils a newly constructed, four-room lactation suite with locking doors,

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Real Talk from 5 Female Founders

You’ve seen these ladies pitching to audiences with conviction, directing teams with multi-color post-its, smiling from the pages of a beta-version website. But what challenges do entrepreneurs face when nurturing a seedling business as a full-time MBA student? Wharton women in five ventures open up about the not-so-glamorous side of start-up life and what it


Keeping It Original: A Conversation with Adam Grant

Adam Grant needs no introduction. One of Wharton’s most highly rated professors, Grant is on record as an advocate for women in business. Grant’s latest book and New York Times bestseller, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, analyzes the habits of creative, original thinkers. I connected with Grant last week to discuss overarching themes in