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Final Friday Speech: (Chris Merriewether WG18)

“Merriewether, what the hell is going on…” said my college basketball coach at Kansas State during my sophomore year as I sat in his office…eyes locked. “You are either on drugs, your girlfriend is pregnant, or someone back home is dying…” still not sure why those were the only 3 options. None of those things

Commencement Speech: Time to Play the Game

  (The following is a transcript of the commencement speech given by WGA President Chase Jones) My name is Chase Jones, I get to serve in two roles today: 1, as President of the WGA, and if you’ve learned anything about Wharton thus far it’s that the only thing we love more than putting an

Three lessons I learned at Wharton

“Let’s go.” “We can’t.” “Why not?” “We’re waiting for Godot.” ― Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot With my final days at Wharton counting down, I realized I’ve been living my MBA life in a play of “Waiting for Godot” – the fast pace immersed me in constant chaos and endless endeavours which left little time

Wharton: A Transformative Journey

As an international student from China, I was amazed by the level of inclusiveness and diversity in Wharton community. I was so scared at the start of this journey two years ago when I was about to start living in a new country for the first time in my life. I remembered the countless time

Final Friday Speech: (Mona Kadouh WG18)

It must be a special weekend for everyone. For some, the MBA is a natural career transition; for some, a life-long goal; for some, a milestone. For me, it has been a dream. Two dreams I should say. The first is obvious, and it belongs to me: I’m graduating from the best business school in

Final Friday Speech: (Piyush Khandekar  WG18)

“Should I quit my job, Should I marry this girl, My dad’s answer to such life changing questions would inevitably be. “Do it, if it will make you happy and I will support you.” And while that unconditional support was stolen away from me last July, I still am left with a mantra to evaluate

Final Friday Speech: (Prashant Dugar WG18)

Each one of us came to Wharton with a dream. Some wanted to be top investors or consultants, some wanted to be leaders tech or consumer industries …. And some just wanted to fall in LOVE!You don’t believe me? Well, in true Wharton style, I took the famous data-driven approach. I spent countless hours stalking

Final Friday Speech: (Isabella Tang WG18)

Like many of you, I have been kicked out of a GSR too many times to count. My most memorable eviction happened last August. She was a first-year student, and when she realized that I was a wise second-year, she asked me, “Wait! Before you leave, tell me, what has been your best experience at Wharton so far?” I thought about it. And then