Meet the Class of 2013: Erinn Smart

What is the most interesting thing you did pre-Wharton?

The most interesting thing that I did pre-Wharton was winning a silver medal with the US Women’s foil fencing team in the Beijing Olympic Games.  We were the underdogs going into the quarterfinal, semi-final and final rounds, so it was an amazing and thrilling accomplishment to win a medal for the United States. I started fencing at the age of eleven and always had dreams of making an Olympic team, but the medal was the icing on the cake.  Winning an Olympic medal was a life-long goal and at times it is hard to believe that I have achieved this.

What is something that none of your classmates know about you?

A few years ago, my brother and I were featured in an ad campaign for Silk Soy Milk.  We staged a fencing scene and had to pretend to be in an intense match versus each other for their commercials.  The best part was watching my brother drink soy milk, knowing that he couldn’t stand the taste of it.

What is your favorite place to which you’ve ever traveled?  What did you do there?

My favorite place that I have traveled to is Havana, Cuba.  I used to compete in a world cup in Havana every year, so I had the opportunity to learn about the city, people, culture and food.  I was amazed at the beauty and positive energy of the people, even though they faced serious political, economic and social problems.

What is something new you learned about Wharton since starting pre-term?

I have learned that Wharton has a supportive and closely-knit community that is encouraged by both the faculty and students.  The community supports new learning experiences, different goals and building leadership skills.  Everyone has been enthusiastic and outgoing, which has made for an exciting pre-term and first month.  I can’t even imagine where the next two years will take the Class of 2013.

How would your friends/family describe you?

I believe that my friends and family would describe me as a caring, humble outgoing, fun and competitive person.  Cohort F has seen my competitive nature come out on a few occasions and I’m sure there will be more to come.