Welcome Back from the Wharton Journal

Lest old traditions fail, at the end of each academic year the final edition of the Wharton Journal features the reflections of several 2Ys who discuss their Wharton experience.  Our philosophy is that it’s just as important to reflect ahead as one embarks on a new journey as it is to reflect at the end of a journey.  Therefore bringing it back Learning Team 360-style, we want to officially kick off the reflection process by welcoming everyone to Wharton, sharing our perspective, and giving a preview of the year ahead.


To the Wharton MBA Class of 2015: as it has been told to you hundreds of times already – welcome to Wharton!  You truly are an amazing group of people, your energy and commitment to this school is already apparent, and we have no doubt you’ll leave this school in a better position than you found it.


To the WG’14ers: welcome to 2Y – the final countdown.  It’s already here and FOMO is creeping in. Every party you go to will be the “last of that party” you ever get to attend and every “last first [fill in the blank]…” will be dog-eared in your memory. Summer internships were fantastic and traveling near and far was amazing, but we are guessing most of you are already starting to become nostalgic about how much you’ll miss this place.  But have faith. There are nine months to go and we know you will take advantage of each and every one of them.


As many of our writers illustrate in their articles, the MBA experience at Wharton is “awesome,” “the best thing ever,” and “seriously the most amazing, best thing that could ever happen……..ever, I mean, ever.”  While that’s certainly true in totality, the business school experience is a roller coaster ride with amazing highs and some terrible lows.  And that’s the way that it should be.  This school will change you and embracing that fact makes it easier to handle.  There will be structured “stretch” experiences, but you’ll also wake up certain days and won’t believe what you’ve accomplished or the person you’ve become.


The Wharton Journal is committed to showing all sides of Wharton, from the humiliating tabloid style reporting you expect to see while reading this paper in your core classes to reflections on individual student experiences, to news about changes that are happening to this school that affect everyone.   Yet, some have questioned whether it even makes sense to continuing printing the Journal, ourselves included.  The news industry is changing, advertisements are harder to find, and keeping this independent organization afloat becomes more challenging each year.


However, we don’t believe the school would be the same without the Journal.  It is the collective voice of Wharton.  It still serves a great purpose to cause conversation, laughter, and debate.  The Journal has been a constant force at this school for almost half a century and unites current students as well as alumni – and we intend to continue that tradition. Our goals are lofty: we are developing a social media strategy that includes leveraging online tools like our website (whartonjournal.com), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other new media channels for the Journal, there is so much interest in developing news at Wharton that we doubled our staff and look forward to significant energy from the Class of 2015, and heck – we’re even going to make those coveted Wharton Journal t-shirts available to the masses.  Get ready – this is the year of Wharton Journalism.


And finally, what makes the Journal even more remarkable is that a fantastic group of students, with little or no journalism experience, create this paper each and every week.  It’s an exhausting process, but the amazing people who work on the paper will tell you it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences at Wharton.  And we invite you all to be a part of it.  Whether it’s one article, a photo, or a bigger commitment to business or editing, we welcome all of you.


On behalf of the entire Journal staff: welcome to Wharton.


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