Cluster Athletics Off To Great Start

By Josh Burdick & Shannon Revell WG’14


kickball article 1
kickball article 2

Cluster Kickball has kicked-off the intramural sports season in style! Drawing from both 1Y and 2Y classes as well as significant others, attendance was strong from all four Clusters. Plus, two perfect days gave everyone an opportunity for some fun Cluster competition.


Captains included Michael Girod from Cluster 1, James Tucker and Nancy Liang from Cluster 2, Allison Paley and Wes Tignor from Cluster 3, and Brad Bucher from Cluster 4. Although every kickballer had great spirit, Cluster 1 left their opponents seeing red.


In week 1, Cluster 1 came out in the lead with a 3-0 record with Cluster 3 close on their heels at 2-1. Cluster 2 showed some signs of greatness at 1-2 and Cluster 4 solidified their underdog status at 0-3. Color commentators on the sidelines speculated this winless record was part of a broader strategy to come from behind in the Championship.


In week 2, every Cluster had a chance to take home the victory, but Cluster 1 continued their dominance. John Withers was crowned most valuable player with many solid catches and one super kick practically into the Tennis Center.  Cluster 3, led by Alana Rush in a bee costume, wins for most spirit.  They were decked out in bee-striped face paint, antennae and could be heard buzzing from miles away.  Most of the Cluster 2 Honey Badgers were still passed out from the Cobra’s venom, though Ashley Tucker proved the toughest, most skilled Honey Badger with some mad first base skills. Cluster 4 played great kickball, but won the Patrick Bateman Award for over-competitiveness.  In their final game, which they had already been awarded the victory by forfeit, Cluster 4’s pitcher acted like Roger Clemens in game 7 of the World Series. Then, while batting, demanded that an additional fielder come off the field…mind you the extra player was a 9-year-old.


Next up will be Flag Football on September 21st, Oct 5th and Oct 26th.  On Oct 26th the WGA is also hosting a Cluster Cup International Day of Football and Fútbol with both games being played side-by-side as well as Student Life Reps manning the BBQ to keep all fans well fed and energized for a full day of cheering.


Intramural sports are designed to bring students across all classes together, support physical activity, and ultimately foster a good competitive spirit among the 4 clusters. They also provide a basis for the athletic component of the Cluster Cup competition.


As part of our cultural exchanges through sports, Wharton Athletics is in the process of planning Ping-Pong, Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Softball. If you have a great idea for a sport we should try out, please contact the Vice Presidents of Athletics Josh Burdick ( and Shannon Revell ( We’re looking for more athletic events that promote learning opportunities across different cultures, nationalities, and traditions.


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