Top 10 Reasons To Attend the Wharton Women In Business Conference

This year the Wharton Women in Business (WWIB) Conference “Own Your Career” is coming early. On Friday, September 20th the women of Wharton will come together for an engaging day of panels and discussions with the inspirational women leading today’s business world. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, here are ten reasons why you should get on it:

1.    First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Chances are, one of the reasons you came to business school was to take control of your career and accelerate in the direction you want to go. That means taking things into your own hands – it’s time to “Own Your Career” and make it work for you. Be proactive. Get out there. Your future starts NOW.

 2.    Figure Some (Important) Things Out

School has only just started and already you have to make some major decisions that will affect the rest of your life. You have a brief window before the internship rush begins to explore all of the different kinds of career paths that are out there. Now is a great time to engage with people who have wrestled with the same types of choices you’re facing and to see where those different paths have led.


3.    Early Bird Gets the Internship

Companies can’t start officially recruiting yet, but the sooner you get your foot in the door, the better off you will be when recruiting kicks into full gear. Start meeting high-level people now and you’ll have plenty to talk about in interviews. This is your chance to get a leg up in a very competitive process – you have to take advantage of every chance to stand out. Here’s your first big chance.


4.    Practice Your Pitch

You already know how important it is to tell a compelling story about your career path and why you are well-positioned to make the next jump into the role you want. But you also know it’s hard to do and the only way to get better at pitching yourself articulately and effectively is to practice. A lot. Get a head start on refining and giving your pitch in a safe – but real-world – environment.


5.    Industry Insights

Whether you’re planning to switch industries right after school or are considering future career moves, this will be a great opportunity to learn about new industries from the insiders who shape and lead them. And if you’re planning on staying in the same industry, the panels can help you keep your finger on that industry’s pulse and stay up-to-date on current trends.


6.    Win the Networking Game

Sure, you’ve heard network stories like the one about the friend who got that sweet job through her friend’s yoga instructor’s dentist’s sister. Networks matter, but it’s not good enough to leave it up to chance. The WWIB conference is a great time to build up your network in both quantity and quality so you can maximize career connections from here on out. You might meet the person who introduces you to your next employer, answers questions about your job search…or hires you.


7.    Face Time with the Top Dogs

It’s not every day that you can chat with the top executives like the SVP of Content Acquisition at Comcast Cable, Jennifer T. Gaiski, or the President of Pepperidge Farm, Irene Chang Britt. Here’s a chance to have meaningful conversations with women you admire and who can give you insight on how they made it to the top. Keep in mind that these are women who are participating in the conference because they believe in supporting other women; they’ll likely be more accessible here than most other occasions. Plus, drop these kinds of senior names during recruiting, and you’re golden.


8.    Sneak Peak at Your Future?

You’re ambitious. You’re investing in your future. You’re working towards meaningful goals. You’re probably also thinking about how family and work-life balance is going to work for you. Learn from the women five, ten, or twenty years ahead of you to understand how they’ve navigated the many considerations to living successful, happy lives. Who knows? In fifteen years, that could be you up there – sharing your stories of success.


9.    Everyone’s Doing It

This is one of the highest-attended conferences at Wharton. If hundreds of your peers are going, there’s probably a reason for it. Over the course of the day, you’re sure to meet plenty of new classmates (from other clusters!) that you might not otherwise have a chance to meet. Bottom line: you don’t want to miss out on one of the most popular conferences of the year.


10.  Be Inspired

Whether you want to be a partner at McKinsey, the CEO of a multinational, or founder of your own non-profit organization, it’s inspiring to hear from the women who have made their dreams reality. We think you’ll walk away from the conference with a clearer sense of where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and the network of support that will help you along your way.


To buy tickets or learn more about the conference, please visit the WWIB website at Hope to see you at the conference!


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