The Purpose Of The Wharton Journal: A Platform For Your Perspectives

We were disappointed to hear some of our readers were displeased by the content in the Love Edition. In fact, we spent a long time as an editorial board discussing this disappointment, and WWIB’s reaction in addition to reflecting on our decision to publish the content.

Though we struggled to come to a consensus as to whether publishing some of the content in the Love Edition was the right call, we were proud to see that the WJ has become a platform through which students, partners, alumni and faculty share their thoughts with the Wharton community. Whether their views are intended to be humorous, satirical, serious, or something altogether different, we’re proud that our peers feel compelled to contribute every single week. Our conversations reminded us that enabling community members to share their thoughts on any topic in The WJ is most important and what we will continue to do.

Going forward, we, as an editorial team, plan to continue setting the high-level direction for the paper (for example, selecting weekly edition themes) but will not withhold submissions because they may be deemed controversial by some. This means that we will afford our content contributors great freedoms in expressing their perspectives and words. Given that freedom, and the passionate dialogue that the last two editions of the WJ sparked, we are reminded that it is also extremely important to give thought and weight to the impact of words before they appear in a public forum. Just like we (hopefully) pause to consider the results of our actions in the classroom, we urge our content contributors to contemplate the reactions of readers to what is submitted every week.

We commend WWIB for their thoughtful response to our Love Edition and for initiating dialogue around combating negative stereotypes affecting women in business. We encourage other community members to join the conversation, and bring other hot-topic issues to our pages.  Thank you to everyone for reading and sharing. At the Journal, we will continue facilitating discussions, and bringing a few laughs along the way.


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