Hello Wharton: An Introduction From The New WGA Leadership Team

WGA Exec 4


Dear WG15 and WG14,

Taking over for Jackson, Meghana, Annie, and Patrick means filling big shoes.  For me, that also means filling a plaid void at the Wharton School.  In the spirit of Fight Night, Jackson and I will meet in the MBA Café on Tuesday for a “who wore it better” plaid-off.  But WGA is about more than taking over the oval office – er, MBA Café.  Ted Sands (EVP Clubs & Conferences), Jackie Wong (EVP Student Affairs), Laura Nugent (EVP Finance) and I could not be more excited to lead the WGA this year and build on last year’s success.

Our goals are to make your Wharton more affordable and more connected, and to give more back to the community.

This year as Cluster 3 President, I loved working with Mulla, Jackie, and Bob and the Cluster 3 Council to implement cluster and class-wide programming.   I am excited to introduce you to the phenomenal team that will take the WGA forward.

You probably knew Jackie Wong before you ever met him.  The man the brought hundreds of us to the US Open (on time, on budget, and in matching t-shirts), and is Cluster 2 President.  As EVP of Student Affairs, Jackie will continue to strengthen Cluster Councils, work on school-wide WGA initiatives, and strengthen class traditions.

Teddy Sands knocked it out of the park as Out4Biz Social Chair and Cluster 3 VP.  You may have seen him in drag once or twice during pre-term or at Rainbow Pub.  As EVP of Clubs and Conferences, Teddy is focused on bringing you better conferences, enhancing diversity programming, and making the club scene at Wharton more inclusive.

Laura Nugent holds the keys to the Wharton kingdom: as EVP of Finance she will put WGA budget to use to fund your clubs, conferences, and events.  Laura is focused on effective allocation of funds, decreasing overhead costs, and getting you efficient reimbursements.

Our team is not complete yet.  In the next three weeks, we will be recruiting ~30 Executive Directors and Divisional Vice Presidents.  Our goal is to pull together 30 rock stars with a penchant for having fun and getting sh*t done.  We are looking for people who want to help shape the Wharton experience regardless of prior experience with Cluster Council or WGA.  Wharton is the top business school in the country, and we want you to join our team and help us make the next year the best year of your life.

Jackie, Teddy, Laura, and I came together because we have ideas about how to make Wharton better.  We would love to talk with you about them, but more importantly, we want to hear what you think and understand what’s important to you.

We will be in the MBA Café this week from Tuesday through Thursday, 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM.  Stop by to talk about joining our team or tell us how we can make your experience at Wharton even better.   If you can’t make it to the MBA Café, shoot any of us an email and we’ll find time to talk.

Here’s to a great year ahead.



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