Top 10 Reasons You Cannot Miss The White Party

It’s that time of the year again! The Red and the Blue brought you on the dance floor but s**t is about to go crazy. Everything you have heard of is about to come true. Shot Hotties, roll up your tanks. Wharton is descending on Voyeur this Thursday. Mark your calendars. And yes, drags will be there.

1. Look hot: Don that costume you have always wanted to try. Wear a Greek goddess toga or those sexy angel wings. Bring a fake white poodle! By the time you leave the party, you would have been stripped of most of it anyways. Data shows White Party clothing retention is less than 50% (when measured by the number of items on the body).

tumblr_inline_mtc7a28kaf1s9b7zf2. Shots Shots Shots: Pre-gaming is sooooo pre-term and shots are what we need! Give a round of applause to those who are giving up their precious time to “work” as “Shot Hotties.” Could there be a more rewarding job??

shot hottie

3, Explore your sexuality: Feeling bicurious? Wondering what the Q in LGBTQ is? Buy the VIP pass and get special access to the open bar and less-crowded areas of the club. Immerse yourself in conversations on orientation and who knows – you might find yourself again.


4. Practice your runway walk: O4B is all about broadcasting how attractive their party-goers are. That’s why there will be a step-and-repeat, complete with White Party backdrop and professional photographer.


5. High FOMO potential: We’re talking about the most-attended party at Wharton. As of Saturday, there were over 1,100 people with tickets, and you KNOW there are a lot of procrastinators out there. Tickets are this close to selling out – do you really want to be the only one of your friends not going!


6. Watch the show: After months of meticulous efforts, the drag performances have been finalized. If you have never seen a drag show, this is it. DO NOT dare to miss it. Stay till the end and watch them shake and move. They are fierce.

white party party

7. Shake that booty: Because we know you’re all about that bass! Scared of dancing? Leave all your fears behind. The crowd, DJs, and shots will do their magic. Once you set foot inside the club, no one’s watching. Or wait, that’s not true. Follies has cameras all over. Just kidding!


8.Bite into the Gay Pizza: Once the party is over (which is NEVER), Wharton students love to congregate outside the “13th Street Gourmet Pizza” also known as “Gay Pizza” because of its location in the gayborhood and proximity to Voyeur and Woody’s (the other popular gay bar). You’ll have earned a pepperoni slice after dancing for four hours!


9. Support O4B: By attending the White Party (and buying an O4B membership), you are supporting LGBTQ rights at Wharton or as Josh (O4B President, ladies and gentleman) says, “Spreading the love.” Give yourself a round of applause and to O4B for bringing people together.


10. That’s not all: On top of all these amazing annual White Party traditions, O4B’s got a few special tricks up their sleeveless tops this time around. You’ll have to show up to find out!


If you need more reasons to convince yourself, talk to us. We love coffee chats. Reach us on See you on the floor!

And pick up this Tuesday’s (9/16) print edition of The Wharton Journal for tips on what to wear to The White Party!


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