A new year brings new Cluster leadership

by Jackie Wong WG’15



No doubt you have seen my emails, especially if you are a first-year. September was the month of Cluster Council elections for the Class of 2016. Voter turnout for Cluster Presidents and Cluster Council was unprecedented at 86% and 74%, respectively. The 26-person Councils that were announced last week are already up and running, putting together Cluster-wide events to get you all ready for White Party and Walnut Walk.

Now in its third year of existence, the Cluster Council system has undergone a few major changes from past years, including the two-part election system that saw the Presidents elected first and the rest of the Councils elected a week later. This process allowed many of the candidates who unsuccessfully ran for President to continue to be directly involved with the Council in different capacities. Other changes included:


The Co-President Model

For the first time, Clusters elected two Co-Presidents to represent them and manage their Councils. Why two? We made this change for two reasons. First, the two president model puts us in line with our peer schools, most of which are smaller than us and already use this model.  Second, it provides a better chance for more students within the Clusters to be represented. And, two presidents means double the fun!  #amiright?


Cross-Year Affairs

New and exciting to this year’s Cluster Councils is the addition of the Cross-Year representatives. Piloted in Cluster 2 last year, this role has now been established within all Councils in order to better facilitate interaction between the two classes within Wharton.


Revamped Roles

A few of the roles got a facelift this year in order to better reflect the needs of the Clusters and of Wharton in general.

  • Last year’s International role became this year’s International & Diversity role in order to achieve the goal of greater inclusivity.
  • The Community Service role has added a Social Impact element to it to better reflect the broader interests of Wharton students.
  • The former Info Systems rep is now the Communications & Social Media rep, charged with going beyond sending emails to provide a robust Social Media presence for the Cluster.

Here’s to a great two years ahead for the Class of 2016. If the enthusiasm last Friday at the Cluster Council Retreat was any indication, your Councils will surely make your Clusters the best ever!


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