HAIL TO THE CHIEFS: Meet Your Cluster Presidents!

by Matt Mcguire (WG’16)

Cluster Prez Front Page


Cluster 1 PresidentsAJ Jangalapalli (C1)

Cluster Olympic Sport: An entirely-too-enthusiastic game of Trivial Pursuit.

Cluster Vision: Clear Eyes.  Full Hearts.  Can’t Lose.

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Paoli, PA / Dartmouth / Economics & Art History / Private Equity

Liquor at Pub: Absolutely, yes.  Because liquor is objectively better than beer or wine.  It’s a fact.

How Will You Represent Class of 2016: With malice toward none, with charity for all.

Name If Went Into FBI Protection: Ron Mexico.  It’s a classic.


Kalpi Desai (C1)

Cluster Olympic Sport: The one that required lots of physical exertion – cranium.

Cluster Vision: AJ and I really hope to make our cluster a tight knit family that supports, inspires, and always has a blast together.

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: I’m from Atlanta and I went to Georgia Tech. I was a biomedical engineer and then went onto work at Capgemini in IT consulting. If you want to know how they relate, I really won’t be able to answer that.

Liquor at Pub: Yes, definitely. Beer makes me full and I’d rather eat. Liquor will provide the same benefits with a significantly smaller amount.

How Will You Represent Class of 2016: By emulating the characteristics that makes our class so amazing – embracing diversity, being inclusive, learning and growing, and being part of the BEST parties!



 Laura And ZachZach Kahn (C2)

Cluster Olympic Sport: 1. Dodgeball – captain – led team to a third place finish; also played in a soccer game…and fell down…twice.

Cluster Vision: 2. 20/20.

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Ossining, NY/Northwestern/Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences & Economics/Philanthropy, International, Development, Technology, Financial Services, Confused.

Liquor at Pub? No! Because then everyone would be passed out by 8pm and wouldn’t want to make personal brand mistakes at White Party.

How Will You Represent Class of 2016? By being open to everyone’s ideas, opinions, perspectives, and fashion sense. And by not taking myself too seriously. We have two years in front of us we need to seize by the horns…not enough time to be stressed out!

Name If Went Into FBI Protection: My name would be Tug Locust. It’s my porn star name. (first pet, first street I lived on)


Laura Minskoff (C2)

Cluster Olympic Sport: Soccer and aggressive Tug o’ War cheering

Cluster Vision: Continue crushing it.

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Boise, Idaho! Penn (College not Wharton. Art History and Creative Writing (Hence Wharton). Non-Profit Development / Foreign Affairs

Liquor at Pub? If you can’t get drunk off wine and beer, you’re probably not trying hard enough.

How Will You Represent Class of 2016? The best part of Wharton is the people here, and the incredible diversity in the class of ’16. My hope is to continue connecting with my classmates and connecting them to one another as well—be it in classes, clubs and across clusters.

Name If Went Into FBI Protection? Khaleesi, Mother of (C2) Dragons



Cluster 3 PresidentsSarah Bantz (C3) 

Cluster Olympic Sport: Soccer

Cluster Vision:Bee H(elpful), I(nclusive), V(ictorious), E(nthusiastic)

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry:Medford, NJ/Georgetown/Finance and Accounting/Consulting for clients in banking and capital markets

Liquor at Pub:No, willing to discuss further

How Will You Represent Class of 2016: One Wharton, One Hive

Name If Went Into FBI Protection:Ana – global



Anne-Marie Punky Chun (C3)

Cluster Olympic Sport: Dance-off

Cluster Vision: Bee H(elpful), I(nclusive), V(ictorious), E(nthusiastic)

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Atherton, CA/Stanford/International Relations/Management Consulting in Aerospace/Defense

Liquor at Pub:No, willing to discuss further

How Will You Represent Class of 2016: One Wharton, One Hive

Name If Went Into FBI Protection: Punky – no fears


Rita Chang (C4)

Cluster Olympic Sport:Running & Tug-of-War

Cluster Vision:For the next two years, I see C4 becoming not just a strong team of 218 [Tigers + friends + classmates + future colleagues + future leaders of the world], but also THE Cluster to bring all of our WG ’16 Class together.

Hometown: Hockessin, Delaware. Undergrad: University of Delaware. Major: Self-created major in “Social Responsibility in the Apparel & Footwear Industry.”Industry: Previously at Nike, Inc. Role focused on industries of CPG, Manufacturing, & Sustainability.

Liquor at Pub:Yes. I need my Hendrick’s & Tonic

How Will You Represent Class of 2016:I will be a C4 Tigress in everything I do and for all Clusters I meet — being there for friends; dancing the night away; eating and eating; challenging myself and others to always become better and better and better … C4 BOOM!

Name If Went Into FBI Protection:Katee Raphael.



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