Top 10 Classes not offered at Wharton

1. MGMT 863: Field Application Project: Voyeur Drink Optimization

Does anyone need more information on the problem and solution here?

2. OPIM 693: Crowd Management

Did the stampede of undergrads at Peter Thiel’s talk force you to lose a shoe and not get a copy of his book?  By exploring case studies of ordered queuing in such innovative leaders such as sandwich shops and barber shops, students will learn how to apply “barber shop logic” to ravenous teenage business students when it comes to orderly book distribution.

3. FNCE 500:  Budgeting International Treks

Learn the pitfalls of budgeting international treks by hearing from Wharton Trek leadership.  Learn from ninja Japan Trek organizers and their legendary $500 refund and be given the opportunity to consult on ongoing refund projects from Chicago, Oktoberfest, and others.

4. MKTG 613: International Diplomacy

Have you joined a club based on a country that you’re not the citizen of?  Have you sang a foreign national anthem for a shot of whiskey and a t-shirt?  Learn how to infiltrate foreign clubs

5. OPIM 691: Negotiating Entry Into a Party Without ID / Wristband

Trevor Chang takes his real-life application strategies to the classroom to allow anyone to negotiate their way into any social establishment – in any outfit/costume.  21+ to enroll (sorry undergrads).

6. STAT 742: Probability Modeling of Duplicate Costumes

Are there always four Mario / Luigi pairs at any given costume party or is it a six sigma event?  How many Ghostbusters is too many?  What are the Amazon Prime constraints when shipping disco costumes to the 19103 zip code in April?

7. ETIQ 101: Employer Information Session Etiquette

Do you know how to tie a tie properly?  Do you know how to use silverware?  Do you have a hard time not interrupting classmates in conversation with firm representatives that have no influence over the hiring process?  If you answered yes to any of these join a rotating cadre of professors on how to not be “that guy/girl” at the employer event.

8. TECH 365: How to Effectively Use a Calendar App

Learn on how not to show up late to anything or over-commit to events.  Never RSVP to three things and show up to none again!

9. MED 911: Cluster Olympics First Aid

Have a bone on the outside that should be on the inside?  Lose more than sweat on rain-drenched Franklin Field?  Join our MD/MBA experts as they go over these and other treatments.  Extra credit for coming up with a hangover cure.

10. FUN 9000

With our team of LT-heavy second years as professors, learn how to LT and live free.  Topics include Wednesday 1AM limo reservations, SugarHouse tactics and how they change throughout the day, How to save a trip to a closed beer garden with air hockey and skeeball, and how to go on a date instead of going to a Wharton party.  Something for everyone in this class.  Except on-campus lectures.  Your final exam will be an Israeli drinking game – in Israel – refereed by Joe Carvalho.



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