Wharton’s Got Talent!

Pic 2

Do our Wharton classmates have the ‘X’ factor?

No, we don’t mean recruiting prowess. Or Negotiation chops. Or “acing” MKTG 611.

We mean talent…. REAL talent. That’s why we set out on a mission to find them, and we proudly present Wharton’s Got Talent, brought to you by the Wharton Inter Cultural Society (WICS).

This year is the 15th annual show, on November 9th at the Penn Museum.

This will be a party for the eyes and ears! You are showcasing dances, bands, musical instruments, vocals, poetry, standup comedy, martial arts, beat boxing and much more.

And, it gets even better. YOU get to VOTE on your favorites. You decide which talent is really worth the ‘X’ factor – and which talents are better kept as secrets. :)

What can you expect to see at Wharton’s Got Talent?

A captivating lineup from solo jazz singing, poetry recitation and standup comedy to an all-female band, an a cappella group, and drummers. If you are missing Michael Jackson and his style of music & dancing, the king will be back with us at Wharton’s Got Talent! Huntsman Hall Mafia will be making its debut performance at the show. The affinity clubs – India Club and Asia Club – will be bringing flavors of their cultures to the stage. And of course… Do not forget Polar Vortex, who brought you to your knees at Battle of the Bands!

Tying the whole show together will be the comedic duo Hafeez Ladha and Zach Kahn, and did we mention our sassy panel of judges? Our dearest Kembrel and professors Americus Reed and Robert Meyer (remember Brand Inequity from Battle of the Bands?) will be weighing in on all the action.

Of course – we can’t forget the most important part of the show: YOU! Yes, you will get to vote your classmates to victory! We’re the only show at Wharton that offers live SMS voting – details to be revealed during the show.

Finally, as if all this wasn’t reason enough to draw you away from Sunday evening assignments and projects, WHALASA will be hosting the show after-party! With their track record of throwing the hottest parties in town, needless to say, we will be partying the night away in style.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now on Campus Groups, and get ready to vote for your talented classmates! See you November 9th at Wharton’s Got Talent!










When: November 9th, 7:30 PM

Where: Harrison Auditorium, Penn Museum (3260 South)

Emcees: Hafeez Ladha, Zach Kahn

Judging Panel: Kembrel Jones, Americus Reed, Robert Meyer



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