Top 10 reasons to attend the BizTech@Wharton Conference

Where: Pennsylvania Convention Center (1101 Arch Street)

When: 8:30am – 5:30pm, Friday November 7th

Buy tickets at

1. Tech is hot! In recent years, tech has become the third most popular industry at the school – Biztech@Wharton will give you more than enough content to discuss in your upcoming tech interview. How will that tech firm feel if you tell them you didn’t attend the most prominent tech event at Wharton?!


2. Network with tech bigwigs during coffee chats and the networking reception. Sit down with the President of Grubhub, the Head of Comedy at Youtube and many more.


3. To learn about all the new ways to control your house, find your missing keys, or even spy on people (if that’s your thing). Attend the Internet of Things panel to learn all about it!


4. You don’t have to wear tie! All of the following are accepted:

biztech45. Is there an app for that? The answer is probably yes, and you’ll find it at AppAttack – a display of Wharton app start-ups at the Start-Up Pavilion.



6. Learn to pay off your loans with BitCoin. Maybe you can “mine” your way out of your Wharton debt!


7. You like free stuff and want to look cool! We are raffling off Barring Sunglasses and many things more. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free stuff.


8. Do you like Shark Tank? Come see startup get grilled by VCs at Wharton’s QuakerTank. It might be an awesome idea! Or not!


9. To arrive in an Uber even if the convention is across the street. After all, Tech is about disruption, right? We’ve partnered with Uber to get your first Uber ride for free!


10. Or maybe, you just want to let your cool inner nerd out.


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