Semester in SF (SSF) 2014 – What the class had to say

SSF 2014 - White background


Single most memorable moment?

“Coming home from dinner to hippie anarchists trashing downtown Oakland” – Lawrence Cole

“Giants winning!” – Indranil Sarkar

“The Man vs. Machine Race: Toby driving so slowly, that I was running faster than him” – Hernan Gerson

“Too many to single out, but they all seem to end up at a tacqueria” – Anant Gupta

What advice do you have for 1st years thinking about applying to SSF?

“Dooooo it” – Caitlin McLaughlin

“Think whether academics is at all important to you. If it is, think twice as SSF is not as academically rigorous as Philly” – Ilya Bezdelev

“This can be a tremendous, utterly unique experience – if you want it to be. If you’re interested in tech, startups, or just the west coast and are willing to hustle a little to craft your experience, you’ve got to apply.” – Anant Gupta

“Don’t let all the fun deter you from accomplishing your goals. Set them, work towards them and don’t leave until you’ve slain every dragon. The West Coast is all about winning.” – Lawrence Cole

What would you have done differently if you were to do SSF again?

“You’ll have a lot of free time. But that is actually precious scarce time disguised as abundant free time. Find a regular thing to commit to (dimsum every week / band practice every month / learning everything you can about Internet of Things) that you can look back at and, in a way, ‘have’ as part of your SSF. Also – pack less stuff. You won’t need it and shipping is a pain!” – Melody Lam

“Less is more. Take less classes, skip out on the part time internship, not do a FAP. Experience SF more.” – Cynthia Xu

“Live in the Mission” – Juan Abraham

“Rally the cohort earlier on” – Stephanie Au

“Come earlier / stay later, spend more time in a number of different neighborhoods, buy a motorcycle right at the beginning, more weekend trips” – Behrad Javed


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