Top 10 Highlights of Ski Trip

Wharton Ski Week 2015

Wharton Ski Week 2015It’s back to hitting the books, so let’s remember last weekend when we were hitting the slopes at Ski Trip 2015. Here, our favorite moments from the awesome trip organized by the Wharton Ski and Snowboarding Club. (photo credit: @muratsito)


Wharton Ski Trip 2015
Bright Lights, Neon City
The Full Moon Party was a full out success in our book. What more could you want? We had a great DJ, neon flair, and a crowd-surfing water raft. (@tomvladeck)


Skiing in Style
Let’s not forget the real reason we’re here—skiing and snowboarding. Whether it was your first time skiing, or you count yourself an expert, we had excellent weather for a ski weekend. (@mkdennett)



You know you’re surrounded by good friends when they take a selfie while you lay there with a broken pelvis. (Get well soon!)


skiweekThat View
The sky seems bigger, the air crisper, the mountains more majestic out west. We could wax poetic all day about the merits of Park City, but the view from the top was simply stunning. (@jenvitser)
One Wharton in Onesies
There’s nothing quite like 1,000 adults wandering around ski town in onesie pajamas. You always knew you’d see a friendly face when you spotted someone dressed as ridiculously as you. (Carline Moore)


We’ve Got Baggage
Thank you, Southwest, for letting us check two cases of leftover beer—for free! (Ramie Abu-Zahra)


Hot Tub Time Machine

Park City was uncharacteristically warm—but that didn’t matter for those of us who decided that it was quite nice to chill in the hot tub. (@tinagram13)


apres ski
Maxin’ Your Relaxin’
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and apres ski time anytime in Park City. (@kenny_hern)


st regis
Ruling the St. Regis
Hopping over to the St. Regis in Deer Valley got you great company, swanky cocktails, and a stunning view. Riding the vernicular was pretty cool, too. (@mereveilleux)
party plane
Party Plane, Please!
You know, that time when we turned a flight into a rave and the flight attendant informed us that it was the first time in her experience that she had sold out of motivational beverages. (Lazlo Syrop)


Did we miss your favorite highlight? Tell us in the comments.



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