What if Wharton Changed its Logo like Google?

Wharton logo lead

This past week Google debuted its new logo and the public reaction was swift and sharp. “The new logo retains the rainbow of colors but sheds the grownup curlicues: it now evokes children’s refrigerator magnets, McDonald’s French fries, Comic Sans. Google took something we trusted and filed off its dignity,” wrote The New Yorker. “Google’s Logo Killed Serif Because Serifs Had It Coming,” proclaimed Gizmodo.

Google preferred to say that it’s “evolving.”

But this got us thinking—aside from all of the technical reasons why Google bid serifs adieu—if fonts can change how people perceive a company, how would updating Wharton’s font affect how recruiters view the school?

After all, Wharton is in the midst of its own brand identity soul searching. Out with The Wharton School of Finance! In with the…umm…well, we’re still trying to figure that out.

To help out the process, we thought that we’d give Jerry Steinbrink, Wharton’s Chief Marketing Officer, our two cents on how to “evolve” the Wharton brand and logo.

Let’s start with where we are today:


 What this says about Wharton: Wharton is respected, distinctive. The uppity serif-feet scream: we’re going to Wall Street, wear three-piece suits, and make billions! This is the Wharton School of Finance that Donald Trump hails from.


Wharton logo alt 2

What this says about Wharton: Wharton students are a breath of fresh air. The clean lines show that we are structured and have rigorous training. The white space shows that we are open-minded. Definitely leaders.


Wharton logo alt 4

What this says about Wharton: Students have rejected Huntsman Hall for The Armory’s cold, yet central location. Wharton’s teaching is positively medieval. The school is stuck in the dark ages, but the students are all about the flourish.


Wharton logo alt 3What this says about Wharton: Modern, yet substantive. We are The Future, as indicated by the font Futura. You should trust all of our business recommendations, because this font says so.


Wharton logo alt 5What this says about Wharton: Wharton is collegiate and collegial. Huntsman is overrun by undergrads who will work twice as hard as MBAs, anyways.


Wharton logo alt 6What this says about Wharton: Lol. Comic sans.


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