Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Wharton Latin America Weekend

Top-10 “Reasons to Attend the Wharton Latin America Weekend

  1. A lesson in leadership from a Former President

President of Bolivia, Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga will serve as a Keynote speaker and is looking forward to addressing participants on leadership and the challenges he has faced as not only President, but as the youngest Vice President in Bolivian history. Few people have accomplished more at a younger age than he has – learn how he did it!

  1. WHALASA’s Silent Disco Party

If when getting ready to go out for a night on the town, you find yourself humming along to “Bailando” and can’t wait to break-out some killer dance moves then the WHALASA’s Silent Disco Party is for you! All WLAW attendees are invited, and, yes, you can totally pull off that J-Lo outfit from 2000 (looking at you, boys…).


  1. Networking…it’s only just begun

Whether you are still dabbling in different industries or ready to focus in on relationships with specific companies, the WLAW Career Fair offers an opportunity to mingle with a wide variety of firms. Major banks, consulting firms, CPG companies and social impact firms will all be in attendance!

  1. Wondering how a venture capitalist reviews a pitch?

For the first time ever at Wharton, MBA students will pitch their Latin American based start-up ideas to venture capitalists and seasoned entrepreneurs. An angel investor actively scouting for new start-ups will even be in attendance! Come and stick around for entrepreneurial networking opportunities after the competition.

  1. Wharton has strongly developed your appreciation for…beverages

Regardless of whether business school has increased the quality or just the quantity of alcoholic beverages that you find yourself consuming on the average week, the answer is YES, you can somehow transform that into a career! Felipe Dutra, Chief Financial & Technology Officer of AB-InBev, and the primary architect of the $52 billion dollar merger of InBev with Anheuser-Busch, joins us as a keynote speaker for WLAW.


  1. Down with the Blue Devils! Support Private Equity at Wharton!

The WLAW PE Competition is BACK for its 5th consecutive year, and no respectable Whartonite should ever even entertain the thought that Duke can walk onto our turf and win two years in a row! Special tickets are offered to support your friends, alma mater, or to learn more about cutting-edge ideas in Private Equity in Latin America.


  1. Diverse panelists offer insight on business in Latin America

CEO’ s of social impact organizations, founders of innovative companies, leaders in LatAm social media strategy, social Impact strategists and 20other panelists are ready to discuss Latin America. Don’ t miss out on the chance to network with representatives from panelists, spanning from Google to Yellow Pepper to LIV Capital, and hear their input on the most up-to-date market and industry trends in the region.

  1. Leading Latin American Women

Strategic Partner Manager of Twitter, Arielle Schwartz, Director of the Woodrow Wilson Center (LatAm Program) Cynthia Arnson, and Education Advocate Rocío Gómez-Botero offer insights on women in business in Latin America.


  1. Connect with LatAm business leaders and peers in a variety of ways!

Miss the small group dinners from Q1? WLAW offers you an opportunity to get to know others interested in the region in a smaller setting, which can provide vital connections as you continue (begin?) your job search, and who knows…maybe even a new best friend! Come meet the 250+ attendees coming from over 30 different institutions!

  1. Listen to Wharton Alum and CEO of Pepsi Foods LatAm tell you why CPG and Retail firms are all bullish on Latin America!

Join the CEO of Pepsi Foods Latin America, Laxman Narasimhan, as he discusses how Wharton impacted his life, and how the growing middle class in Latin America is creating a wealth of opportunities for growth in the region.


  1. BONUS: Soccer Day


Latin America and Soccer are basically synonyms, and WLAW would be incomplete without a Soccer Day! Let your inner Messi roll, an take the opportunity to try out a new Neymar-inspired ‘ do, and whatever you do, do NOT let the remaining remnants of fall Philly weather slip by without one more game of soccer fútbol.

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