FRP Archetypes

The dust is settling. Wharton’s official “Focused Recruiting Period” has ended. Whether recruiting for consulting, finance, technology, CP&G, or none of the above, we were all focused on a mission. Some walked away with multiple offers; others with that ever-important, one offer. Some may be still waiting, and others are in regrouping mode as they reassess their plan moving into the spring.

If FRP ended for you in victorious fashion, congratulations! I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are proud to have a continued Wharton-representation at the best firms.

If you are regrouping and reassessing, take a deep breath and try not to fret. You are still at Wharton. The best business school in the world. Take this opportunity as a learning one, improve and crush spring recruiting. I’ll be joining you.

Now let’s get down to business. Over the last two weeks, observing hundreds of type-A personalities emerge in full force, there were some definite personality types that appeared. Which one were you? (Disclaimer: these are obviously not official and are fun, subjective observations).

The Multiplier: You know him or her because you see them at consulting events, banking happy hours, technology lunches and consumer products employer information sessions.

Hermit-crab Interviewee: You may not know this person (or forgot who they were) because he or she became a social hermit as they diligently prepared for casing or investment presentations.

The Sweater: Like clockwork, despite all the relaxing music, mindfulness exercises, taking walks, pep talks – this person just sweats when about to interview. Free advice: carry a napkin so not to clam up your interviewer.

Jokester: We all know them. In the waiting room, waiting for our interviewer to get us, and you can literally hear a pin drop. We can count on the Jokester to break the silence and ease the mood of the room.

Free lunch seeker: Much like a heat-seeking missile, you can count on seeing this person anywhere free food is served (note: probably applies to most of us).

Self-doubt caster: They’ll say, “I did horribly. Scratch that company off the list.  Bombed the interview.” We later find out that they got a second round invite or an offer (good for them…?).

MacArthurs: FRP don’t always work out as planned. This archetype will regroup and get full-time offers after having a killer summer. Remember, General MacArthur lost the Phillipines, but like a boss, famously declared, “I shall return” and rocked it. Heed his words.

Play-It-Cooler: “I didn’t really want to do consulting anyways.”

Grand-Slammer: Four companies. Four second round invites. Four Offers. Boom.  (Whoever you are, can you share your secret?)

Techie: Easiest to spot for sure. They’ll be in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Depending on the role, maybe business casual.

Entrepreneur: Similar to the hermit-crabber, you may have forgotten who they were, because while the rest of Wharton was busy on the recruiting-battlefield, they were toying away at their start ups, traveling and teeing up the next billion dollar idea. 

I surely missed some, but whoever you are, happy end to FRP!

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