Q&A with Your WGA Candidates

  1. What specific parts of the student experience (across student life, academics, careers, etc.) have gone well, and are areas into which you would put more resources as the WGA Executive Board?

Between classes, recruiting, extracurriculars, and friends and family, Wharton students have a lot to manage. We think that pre-term and a recruiting-free first quarter allow students to ease into the Wharton experience. We hope to make that transition even more seamless by continuing and expanding the current WGA board’s financial transparency initiative to include expense and timing information for club and conference treks.

An area of the student experience we would like to improve is recruiting. Many of us recruited during second quarter and found the number of events daunting and the sheer length of the recruiting period exhausting. We would like to work with the administration, employers, and students to streamline the process of landing an internship by improving transparency around recruiting as well as condensing the length of the recruiting period. For those navigating the enterprise search, we would like to make the journey easier by putting structures in place for you during second quarter. We will leave Wharton with jobs. Let’s make the process a bit more painless!


  1. Give us one or two initiatives from this past year which your slate members played a key role in executing.  What was the thought process and what were the results?

Each of us believes in enhancing relationships within the Wharton community. To that end, we are proud of our securing a partnership with Congreso for Wharton Impact Day and future volunteerism efforts. Congreso is a non-profit that supports the Philadelphia Latino community by providing education, leadership, social, and health services. Our goals were to engage within the local community actively, and to connect students with a passion for service to the community.

We are also excited to promote community inclusion by lowering the cost of participation in various Cluster Council events. We have offered 50% discounts on Escape the Room tickets, free food and swag, and even free broomball. Each of us wants our classmates to have new experiences and meet new friends across clusters by making events affordable to all.


  1. What are common issues that you’ve heard from your peers?  Any solutions to address them?

MBA students are busy juggling many academic, professional, and social priorities, and as a result, are usually under-caffeinated. We would love to offer free coffee for all at 2401 to make lives easier and help work get done faster!

We often hear our classmates wonder where their money goes. From rising club dues to costly (but amazing!) travel and tickets to huge Wharton events, many of us do not know exactly where and how much cash is spent. We aim to expand the Financial Transparency effort by offering incoming students sample budgets to help them prepare upfront for spending ahead. We will also monitor increases in club dues and break down spending on treks. By increasing access to information, we believe students can make more informed choices.


  1. In your opinion, what role should WGA play in supporting diversity and inclusion at Wharton?

While, holistically, Wharton’s identity is extremely strong, there are still groups of students who sometimes feel marginalized or don’t identify as much with the student body as a whole. This can come from a variety of factors, but we believe the best way to address and combat this is to better approach diversity training and to critically address the way we approach group and social events within the beginning of each student’s Wharton journey.


  1. Why should 2Ys vote for you?

We are committed to improving student life at Wharton. We vehemently believe that the Wharton brand improves through better connectivity of the school to the students.  As our community continues to improve, Wharton Alumni benefit from better connection to the school and closer bonds to the alumni network. Through our efforts and engagement this year at Wharton, we have a proven track record of giving back to the community and helping to improve the culture of the school. As the WGA executive board, we would continue to improve our school and thereby help our alumni network improve and grow.


The 2016 WGA Elections will take place from Monday, 2/22, at 9am to Wednesday, 2/24, at 4pm. Stay tuned for more information from the WGA.