Dear Wharton, <3 Your New WGA


After a long and hard-fought election season, we are excited to be your choice for the Wharton Graduate Association. Whilst our opponents stooped to smear campaigns and dirty election practices, we ran our campaign like we hope to run the WGA – with transparency and commitment to our community.

Ok… So we didn’t have any competitors. However, we are pumped to hear that so many people voted and are excited to begin working on our major initiatives immediately:

Wharton-wide Financial Transparency: Expand the current WGA initiative and make Wharton more affordable for all. Wharton students should know where their money is going. We plan to develop and launch a budgeting guide that accurately represents the cost of Wharton, from clubs and treks to ventures and social activities, to help current and incoming students plan for the next two years.

Inclusion and Community: Foster openness and dialogue between Wharton students from all backgrounds and build an environment of inclusion. We plan to empower student affinity groups and Return on Equality to strengthen our community through discussions, events and activities and make Wharton more representative of all our voices.

Make 2401 a Home: 2401 should be a place where we are excited to go and mingle with fellow students, not just a collection of GSRs and a couple of vending machines (shout out to the student who brought the egregious lack of Double Stuf Oreos to our attention last week). From computers for printing and free coffee, to a more communal gathering space, we hope to make 2401 a home.

Last week, we sat down in the MBA Café and solicited suggestions from you on what you would like to improve at Wharton. We were thrilled to hear so many great ideas and will definitely steal them and pass them off as our own. From creating a “go-to” dynamic social calendar to subsidizing career-based clubs, we hope to address as many of these insights as possible.

We will begin working on our major initiatives immediately in order to have several of them launched by pre-term next year. But we need your help. Not only do we want to continue the feedback loop from last week, but we also want you to help us make Wharton the best it can be by joining the WGA team. Applications will soon open for the WGA Board, and it is your chance to make an impact.

Thanks so much for your votes of confidence and we are looking forward to serving the student body!

Abby, Chris, Lavanya, and Michelle