Philadelphia – will you be mine?

It feels like just yesterday my husband, Steve, received the phone call of acceptance to Wharton from a second year student, Andrew. I remember it so vividly because Steve’s voice on that day was filled with a nearly equal amount of pride and love to the voice he had on the day he proposed to me. Both days marked tremendous milestones for the two of us, and for Steve both days stood as achievements within themselves, proposing to me and being accepted to the best business school in the nation. That said, I think it’s safe to say that getting into Wharton means going to Wharton, means packing up your things without second guessing it.

Thankfully, it was just that simple for me Steve. We (and when I say we I mean I) packed up our things and left our lovely Upper West Side Apartment in New York and moved to Philadelphia. Splitting up was not an option in our minds. The way we saw it: the two halves that are our bodies wouldn’t split up the whole that is our marriage. I now thank myself for that every day–not because I didn’t have faith that we would survive, but because I wanted to physically be there for the transformative years that would shape both of our lives, together and separately, in what I believed and still believe a fantastic way. And it already has.

Even though I commute to New York every day for my job, I am thankful to wake up and come home to the beautiful skyline that is Philadelphia. As my train home from New York approaches 30th street station, I lean my head against the window and smile at the sun shining down on the city and all of its tall, beautiful buildings. Unlike New York’s skyline that covers so many buildings one can’t count, Philadelphia’s skyline is serene, which speaks to the nature of the city, vast and calm at once.

Philadelphia is beautiful in all of its glory, especially in this time of year, with Rittenhouse Square enveloped by flowers of all kinds and colors, but there is so much more to it. Being a member of the Wharton community has been a great joy of mine, particularly because of how welcoming the students and partners have been. The greatest concern of mine surely was not the act of moving, but making friends. I knew Steve would have no problem–he’s a friend machine– but all of my closest friends being from elementary and middle school had me concerned for myself.

My fears were put to ease on the day we moved in, July 22nd, when I boldly shared breaking news with the entire Wharton MBA Class of 2018 Facebook group. The breaking news was that I had made challah from scratch and that I had two loaves that were up for grabs. I received about 70 likes, and now I publicly thank you Gabe Elsner and A.J. Steigman for loving my bread. I thank you, Jessi Spellman for telling me you liked my vest and for giving me your number. Let’s have dinner sometime? I thank you, Anne Francois-Poncet, one of Steve’s learning partners, for inviting me to join in on some of the team’s get togethers. I thank you, Tomer Meir, for making sure I know about all the events coming up, including Amy Schumer and Beyonce concerts. I thank you, Matt Tookey, for remembering to ask me how my train rides have been. I thank you, Moises Cohen, for Friday night dinner; I’m glad you enjoyed my pie. And finally I thank you, Misha Khassini and Sarah for healing the burn on my pinky; the sour cream really did work. And to the rest of the MBA candidates and the partners that are here, I’d love to be your friend too.

Because I’m on a word limit I’ll end here. When I blink my eyes into morning, I roll over thankful to see the bright sun shining on my husbands face. But when I wake up and stare out my window, I also see the bright sun shining down on the Schullykill River. Philadelphia, I might have a husband, but I could always use a boyfriend. Will you be mine?