First Impression of Wharton

Right before moving into Philadelphia, I spent over one month to roam around the world. The trip was full of exciting things, but still a little bit demanding. I was psyched and relieved as well by ending up with arriving at Philadelphia – Hello, my final destination!

Moving into Philadelphia meant a lot to me. Since I had spent almost all of my life in Korea, being a resident of another country was very exciting to me. Philadelphia is a fantastic city to live in – beautiful Rittenhouse Square under the bright sunlight, adorable and cozy shops on every corner, amazing restaurants with full of mouthwatering menus for a foodie. I loved the fact that I can be a dweller of this fascinating city.

When I explored this city before the school started, everything seemed to go smoothly. However, the chaos turned up once the pre-term of Wharton launched. My Google Calendar was packed with hourly and even smaller events like a travel itinerary. I often ran around in the Huntsman hallway to find the location of classroom where the session was being held such as searching for the direction in an unfamiliar city. I had no idea what would happen tomorrow, and sometimes unexpected things actually happened.

While sipping a cup of beer and hearing buzzing sounds from conversations of other people at the party, I felt like being a foreigner – well, it is true – or even an alien. I realized that another tiring journey just began. The settlement of Korean girl into America continent was hard. Making a transition from a strategy consultant to a b-school student was too overwhelming and challenging.

However, Wharton School tried to become a comfy shelter for a lost Korean girl. All of faculties and advisors welcomed us and specially cared about international student’s transition to Wharton. My learning team and classmates encouraged me whenever I felt embarrassed at my broken English. My cluster team at the Olympics cheered me up even though I did not follow the rules mistakenly at the first football game in my life. Second-year students including SLFs and LFs devoted their endless time to give meaningful advices and find right directions for me. By sharing our dreams and our lifetime stories, the relationship between me and new members of Wharton community is getting tighter and more solid.

I am still getting Whartonized. There will come tons of unanticipated events, and I should go through the journey for next two years. Nonetheless, I am falling in love with the Wharton community and settling into my new sweet home Philadelphia with my new family.