Letter from the presidents of WWIB

To the Wharton community,

Welcome to the WWIB takeover edition of the Wharton Journal! WWIB Week and the Wharton Women’s Summit are upon us, and we could not be more excited.

A word on this issue.

Or rather, four: challenge the status quo. We aim to bright to light issues that are not often talked about in the open, from the role men should play in the fight for gender equality to the taboo (and confusion) around menstrual pain. We explore the role of gender in negotiations with Wharton faculty and start a candid conversation on the challenges of being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated VC world. We share the struggles and the joys of being an MBA mom and follow the introspective journeys of female administrators at Wharton. This issue has been put together by our Marketing VP, June Wu, and we hope you will be inspired by the women around you and eager to continue the dialogue we’ve started.

A word on the Wharton Women’s Summit 2016.

Our conference team – Emma Lonsdale, Lauren Plotnick, Liya Shuster, and Elena Pujals – spent countless hours putting together an exciting summit this Friday. You’ll notice that it’s a bit disruptive this year. That’s intentional. We are hoping to focus the content on issues that businesswomen care about the most but that are not always the ones discussed as openly. It will be fascinating, thought-provoking, and inspiring.

A note on WWIB for the 2016-2017 year.

This year, WWIB is focusing our programming around three pillars: connection, cultivation and collaboration.

WWIB connects a diverse and talented student body of female business leaders with our extensive, powerful alumnae network globally. We engage a community of leaders locally to foster a network of mutually enriching relationships. Our executive board, made up of 35 first and second year MBA students, creates a range of programming that incorporates our community throughout the year. From exclusive networking opportunities to leadership development workshops to health and wellness programming, WWIB aims to foster personal and professional success for all Wharton women.

WWIB cultivates and celebrates female leaders, both in the business world and beyond. We host female executives and influencers in the fields of technology, finance, non-profit, retail, consulting, fashion, and entrepreneurship who interact with students in intimate settings and speak candidly about the challenges and opportunities of being a woman in business. We work to inspire strong women to be authentic, effective leaders.

WWIB collaborates across student groups by promoting diversity initiatives and fostering dialogue across campus. We create spaces for constructive conversations, even when those conversations aren’t easy conversations to have. To that end, we have a fantastic organization of Wharton men who partner with us, the 22s, whose name is inspired by the wage gap that exists between men and women in the U.S. We also work closely Return on Equality, an organization whose mission is to nurture appreciation of, and advocacy for, inclusive practices across lines of difference.

Connect. Cultivate. Collaborate.


Christine Casey WG ’17, Sharon Skinner WG ’17, Maggie Diehl WG ’17

WWIB Co-Presidents, 2016-2017 school year