1Y v 2Y

Wharton Journal asked a bunch of first years and second years on some important topics. This is what he heard.


First years

Second years

Party tickets (30 minutes before tickets go live) – Refresh, refresh, refresh. My life will be over if I don’t go for this party If I don’t get a ticket, we’re blacking out at 2YD.
Clubs I am being very selective about clubs. I am only joining 4 professional clubs, 4 athletic clubs, 4 affinity clubs, 4 social clubs. Why did I sign up for that two year membership?
Textbooks Please let me know the moment you see a post about the Accounting textbook. I absolutely need to study once the course starts If you want to buy textbooks, I’ve also got some oceanfront property in Arizona for you.
Grades I know there is grade non-disclosure. So, I am not too fussed about grades. As long as I am on the Director’s List, I will be happy Where on SPIKE can I find how many LTs I am from not graduating?
Travel Omg. I need to be in 5 places at a time. There is a rafting trip, a NY restaurant trip, a Columbia trek. How can I be in so many places at once? Where are my friends going? I’m done stretching
Sleep I need to make the most of my 160k tuition. If it means not having to sleep these two years, that’s okay Saturdays are 4 The Bed
Courses I am here to learn. What’s the most challenging course there is? Which courses do not start at 9AM?
Socializing I need to go to the largest party so that I can meet the most number of new people Where are all my friends? I don’t want to meet any new people
Class attendance I can’t miss a class. What if I miss something important How well do I have to do on the final if I get a 0 for participation / attendance?
Lunch with a professor Why do the slots keep filling up so fast? I really want to have lunch with my professor Why would I want to have lunch with a professor?
Number of things going on at Wharton Why are there so many things going on all the time? Why are there so many things going on all the time?