Expectations v Reality: White Party

EXPECTATION: What were your expectations going into White Party? What did you think it would be like?
REALITY: Tell us how it went!


Expectation: I had heard really awesome things. Supposed to be one of the best parties of the year

Reality: Honestly, I was so drunk, I don’t even know if I liked it. But then again, maybe that means I did.

Expectation: I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Reality: It was the most fun I’ve had at a party in years. I was dancing on the tables at some point. Which I haven’t done at any point.

Expectation: Honestly, I wasn’t exposed to anything like this before culturally. So, it was definitely somewhat of a stretch experience at Wharton.

Reality: It was SO fun! I couldn’t wait to tell my friends back home about it.

Expectation: I was really excited to join O4B on campus, and wanted White Party to be a great first ‘big’ party at Wharton.

Reality: I was so happy with the way it went! I think a lot of people had fun.

Expectation: I wanted to really party for the first time since I got to Wharton.

Reality: Ask the person I came home with if I had fun 😉


Expectation: I’ve only heard amazing things.

Reality: I thought it was good. A little too much for me, but I think everyone overall had a pretty good time!

Expectation: Mass. Chaos.

Reality: Mass. Chaos.

Expectation: Didn’t really expect much. Bought a ticket at the last second because I was drunk at a pregame and everyone was leaving.

Reality: I guess I’m glad I went. Would’ve had FOMO. But also my Friday-self was not happy with my decision.


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