Meet Your Cluster Presidents

C1 | Sara Leitner WG’18


Cluster Olympic Sport: Flag Football

Cluster Vision: Showing our Lion Pride as we build community in the Cluster and throughout Wharton by representing the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and interests our Cluster and class.

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Darien, CT/Georgetown University/American Studies/Marketing

Liquor at Pub? Vodka

How Will You Represent Class of 2018? The past few weeks on the job have been amazing. I’ve gotten to know so many incredible people in the class and I’ve loved hearing all the ideas and excitement about being here at Wharton. I’m pumped to work with our awesome team of 2018 presidents and cluster councils to make sure those ideas come to life and that excitement continues throughout the year!

Best moment at Wharton so far? Constantly losing my voice cheering on the Lions in all the Olympics and Cluster Cup competitions, followed closely by some epic dance sessions at numerous parties so far.

Worst moment at Wharton so far? Being so dehydrated post-flag football domination that I had to tap out for a couple hours in the gym.  That said, I did bond on a serious level with some other overheated 2018s so it all worked out.

Name If Went Into FBI Protection? Hermione Stark – obviously just trying to live out my Harry Potter and GoT fandom dreams.



C2 | Neal Sengupta WG’18


Cluster Olympic Sport:Bench press competition (I’m coming for you Tuck), 50 yard dash

Cluster Vision:None of us should hesitate to ask any one of the 200+ 2018 C2 Dragons (or anyone in the Wharton community) for help – whether personal or professional, and whether it’s today, tomorrow, 2 years from now, 10 years from now, etc.  

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry:Bethlehem, Pennsylvania/Duke University – Economics, Math/Industry – Private equity (energy and power investing)

Liquor at Pub? No, because then people won’t make it out after pub which would put a dent on Thursday night attendance numbers. MBAs understand the NPV of free liquor and will take advantage of the opportunity with fervor. However, funnels should be allowed, encouraged, and in fact mandatory.

How Will You Represent Class of 2018? The Class of 2018 is already full of amazing people. They don’t need anyone representing them – they’ve already done that themselves throughout their careers with great success, which is why they are part of the best MBA program on the planet. My goal as Cluster President and a member of WGA is to create opportunities that my fellow classmates can take advantage of to better represent themselves – and so that they can develop their own bridges with one another in any way they choose, regardless of their background, goals, or personal beliefs. Despite coming from all over the world and with such disparate backgrounds, our goal should be to utilize one another to help us maximize both our shared and individual potentials.

Best moment at Wharton so far? When I realized everyone at Wharton has much more in common than they do differences. I think if I had to pick just one specific moment, it was probably waking up after White Party following the five hour C2 pregame that included well over a hundred different people from my cluster – including people who didn’t drink, military veterans with families, and people from countless countries. I saw my Facebook newsfeed with photos and posts from our Cluster party in multiple languages, everyone embracing one another while covered in green paint wearing glowsticks. I had typo-ridden texts from people asking me to come to Little Petes sent at 5:30am. I had a neon C2 painted on my face, flash tattoos on my arms, missing shirt (Vince medium white tank top last seen at Voyeur if anyone finds it), chocolate syrup in my hair, multiple scratches and bruises…and I remember thinking to myself: “Last night went exactly the way it was supposed to.”

Worst moment at Wharton so far? See above.

Name If Went Into FBI Protection? Seal

C3 | Chase Jones WG’18


Cluster Olympic Sport: Flag Football, Bench Press, Tug of War

Cluster Vision: Considered the best Cluster at Wharton (no bias here, I promise), our goal is to keep the momentum going from years prior with an amazing culture, commitment to social impact, and the uncanny ability to make everybody else beelieve that the bees are beeautiful. 

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Jamestown, NC/University of North Carolina/Business Administration/Non-Profit Organization

Liquor at Pub? Miller Lite. (I know, but hey, call me old fashioned)

How Will You Represent Class of 2018? I’ll represent by showing up — whether that means to a birthday party, a learning team academic study session, a social initiative celebration, or a classmate’s slam poetry session; the thing that anybody can do is to be present, which I am committed to doing for the entirety of our class at Wharton.

Best moment at Wharton so far? Cluster 3 winning the dance competition, capped by a step routine that many considered to be ‘on fleek,’ or something that the cool kids say is good.

Worst moment at Wharton so far? Telling people my first grade I received at Wharton on a super important paper that I spent hours on was a, wait for it, ‘check plus.’

Name If Went Into FBI Protection? Burt Macklin

C4 | Antonia Singleton WG’18


Cluster Olympic Sport: Basketball, Women’s Bench Press (75lbs), & Women’s/Coed Tug-o-war

Cluster Vision: Be intentional. Seek opportunities to make a long lasting impact on the Wharton community.  Strengthen our legacy as bold, socially aware leaders.

Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Harlem (New York), New York/ Cornell University/ Applied Economics and Management / Financial Services (Goldman Sachs)

Liquor at Pub? SCHOFFERHOFER Grapefruit

How Will You Represent Class of 2018? Audaciously and authentically. That’s what I know best.

Best moment at Wharton so far? Getting elected as cluster president and finding out a couple days later that I am the first African American cluster president.

Worst moment at Wharton so far? When balancing everything, sometimes FOMO can get the best of you at Wharton. So, my worst moment is anytime I have to choose one really exciting event over another to attend.

Name If Went Into FBI Protection? Ryen Blaine