Wharton, Are you Innocent?

Diversity is one of the most beautiful virtues of MBA, but has always been a “hot potato” within the community. As the editors of the Wharton Journal, we feel that it is our role to start and intensify the conversation that may seem quite sensitive but too much significant to ignore. We believe that diversity and inclusion are not merely about superficially understanding the multi-colored aspect of the American society, but more about overcoming the bias and prejudice that are deeply rooted within each of us, and truly valuing and respecting the differences in every person. This is only possible through honest and brave conversations. That’s why we have decided to invest almost an entire edition on this theme. We want to clarify what we’ve touched here is just one dimension of the complex issue of diversity due to limitation of space. But we do hope that by stirring up this dialog, it would give all of us the opportunity to think about the types of leadership roles we would take up and the ways in which we will embrace diversity in the future as the Wharton graduates.