How to Get Started

MBACM has A LOT of resources to help you with your job search. Whether you are recruiting at a large consulting firm or are talking to a start-up, MBACM has something to help you get prepared and take the next step in your search.  

If you don’t know where to get started in this sea of choices and information, here’s a quick start guide of the top MBACM resources:

Career Advising – This is the cornerstone of MBACM resources.  Career Management has 10 career advisors, aligned by industry, that will meet with you one-on-one and assist you with everything from strategizing your search to practicing your networking pitch.  These guys are your coach and greatest cheerleaders in the process.  Pro tip: If you are unable to make an appointment or can’t find one that fits your schedule, come in for office hours (each advisor has two a week) or call the office between 12-2pm on Friday to speak to the Advisor On-Call.  

Research Tools and Industry Guides – MBACM provides free access to a bunch of online industry, company, and country guides via Vault, WetFeet, Hoover’s, and GoingGlobal.  You’ll also get complimentary access to S&P Capital IQ during the school year.  Check out the “Research by Industry” pages – each page contains resources curated by each advisor (think databases, industry blogs and sites, directories, and spreadsheets of contacts) to serve as your primer for the industry.  

Offer Directory – A searchable database that includes 3 years worth of student-reported offer information.  Use it find companies that have made offers to Wharton students (a good starting point for a target list) or search for students and recent alum who work or have worked at your dream company.  Pro Tip: In the Offer Directory you will find “Summer Job Evaluations.”  These include helpful nuggets of information from second years about how they landed their internship, what they did for the summer, and what their experience was like.  

Wharton Recruiting Analytics Platform (WRAP) – This is the storehouse of Wharton employment data.  Use this application to view historical offer timing, source, and employment trends to get a sense of the ins and outs of recruiting in your desired industry.  

MBACM Emails  – Read them!  Almost every Friday you will receive an email from MBACM including information about upcoming deadlines, important workshops, and key resources.  You can also choose to receive emails on Sundays about specific industries and geographies you are interested in – just go to CareerPath and select your communications preferences under “My Profile.”  

Workshop Archives – If you can’t make to a workshop, don’t worry!  The majority of MBACM’s workshops are video recorded.  The materials and videos from past workshops are posted to the site in 3-5 business days.