Industry Insights from MBACM’s Career Advisors

Sam Jones


Technology: “When recruiting in tech, if you do not have a technical background, be sure to emphasize your data skills and how you use them to solve problems (e.g., R, SQL, regression, forecasting). If you do have a technical background, emphasize your influence and project management skills.  When answering the direct or implied question “Why our company?” focus on how the mission of the company resonates with you and how they, and specifically the function you are interested in, is involved in solving problems that you are interested in seeking solutions to as well.”

Jessica Katz


Media & Entertainment: “This fall, keep your eye out for a few mature M&E related opportunities and use the majority of your time to focus on your enterprise target list of employers, developing your pitch, and doing research.  Plan to attend the M&E treks as a way to demonstrate interest and build connections, as many media companies report first meeting their interns at these events.”

Investment Management: “While many IM/HF companies come to campus, be sure to devote time to explore target funds that don’t.  Find opportunities to have meaningful conversations with alums – such as offering to discuss a name (or competitor) in their portfolio.  Building up these connections and relationships now will payoff down the road, potentially leading to direct or indirect future internship and full-time opportunities.”

Sunshine Singer


Investment Banking: “If you are serious about getting an internship in Investment Banking this summer, make sure you network with enough banks – don’t just focus on the four or five you perceive as the most prestigious.  You will need an internship in the industry if you plan to go into banking for full-time.”

Jenn Savoie


Social Impact: “You’ll be amazed by how much you can learn by tracking the Social Impact conversation on Twitter. In addition to following your top organizations of interest, also follow hot topics via  #impinv #ImpactInvesting #socent #socinn #susty #socialgood #socialimpact #socialinnovation”

Consulting: “Q2 networking is your chance to learn about the firms, to position yourself well, and to build advocates within the firms. There will be lots of events – often multiple for one company.  It’s important to have a set goal for each one that you attend. Remember good networking is about quality over quantity – it’s better to have genuine conversations with a few people vs. numerous superficial interactions.”

Todd Carson


PE & VC: “The fall is a good time for doing diligence on funds and determining which ones you would like to target.  Check to see if they are coming to campus and if they aren’t, work with MBACM to develop a strategy to get in front of them. Some funds will be present during the Focused Recruiting Period, but historically there has been a long tail of others that post jobs well into the spring.”

Real Estate: “The first Zell/Lurie meeting is around the corner on October 21st; this is a good opportunity to shift into networking mode and hear from some of the leading figures in the industry. Continue your company research – as we approach the Focused Recruiting Period, you will have the opportunity to have Q&A with 2nd years regarding the specific summer internship employers in a ‘fireside chat’ setting before your interviews.”

Sugirtha Stathis


CPG: “As you prepare for early conversations with CPG recruiters, be thoughtful about why you’re interested in the industry and firm.  Simply having an affinity for a particular brand or product is superficial and will not impress – go deeper.  Consider what resonates for you about the company, its strategies, and the role and work itself.”

Retail: “Make sure to visit stores!  It’s important to go through the customer experience firsthand, both in-store and online.  Make observations, talk to sales associates, and compare with competitors.  Retail recruiters want candidates who are both passionate about the industry and have an informed perspective on their business.”

Maria Halpern


Startups: “Now is when you need to be doing research in order to understand trends in your areas of interest.  Set up Google Alerts for key terms and companies and have this be your morning reading. Once you feel ready, it’s super important to start forming opinions and sharing your ideas via Twitter, blog, forums, etc.  This will allow you to engage people in the start-up world peer-to-peer and showcase your interests and passions – making you a much more compelling candidate.”

Manisha Jain


Energy: “Energy is a complex industry that cuts across other industries like consulting, banking, PE, technology, and social impact.  Be sure to do your research to understand the facets the company and roles you are interested in.  While oil and gas recruiting is more mature, cleantech is enterprise.  Most MBA roles will come later in the year and recruiting will involve active networking with companies and alumni.”

Healthcare: “There are many sub-sectors in healthcare and variety of roles (corporate strategy, marketing, commercial, business development, corporate development etc.) within each company.  Take time to understand and research what sector, function, or role interests you most. You need to have a strong answer to “Why healthcare?” so do your research and be able to demonstrate your passion and commitment.”