A Year After Q1 Salute

Q1 Salute

It’s been a year since end of first year Q1. Last year this time, I remember a bunch of us walking on the bridge over Schuylkill River at the end of MGEC exam, to celebrate Q1 salute at Pub. The happy vibe moved from Huntsman to Armory that evening as all of first years at Wharton literally started their transition to the next quarter.

At Armory, Kembrel and his team gave each of us a high-five at the entrance and it felt like we had accomplished so much more than just completing Q1. You have to give it to Kembrel for bringing in so much joy to each occasion, sometimes much more than what we are worthy of feeling!

I still have vague memories of that evening – loud conversations, cheerful voices, meet-&-greets, as I small talked to those I had known yet not seen since pre-term, and reminisced memories with those who had become my family at Wharton.  

I don’t recall how long after that night at pub I came to terms with the fact that end of Q1 meant beginning of recruiting. Suddenly, I could not throw in a sweater over my jammies and come to school. I had to get that formal wear out of the boxes, and get it altered to create room for the extra inches that I had gained courtesy pizzas at lunch sessions at school.

As the leaves changed colors for Fall, the vibe at Wharton also changed. Coffee chats, EIS’s and mid-term grades made me realize that my goal at Wharton was a little more than just having a good time. This truth was reaffirmed by my bank balance at the beginning of Q2. Coming to terms with my new reality, I shifted gears to prepare for consulting recruiting while balancing school coursework and club commitments. I still remember Halloween party night, when I was coming back from an EIS dressed up in a business suit – I was dressed up as a “consultant” that Halloween. That’s one among my few faded memories of Q2 and the good news is that it doesn’t get any scarier than that!

A year has passed since end of Q1. I am halfway through my MBA, I do have a job –  but most importantly, I have gone back to my original goal of having a good time! If you have reached the end of this article, then here is what I want to say. A few years from today, you will not remember a bad coffee chat experience, but you will definitely remember a fun Halloween Party night. You may not remember the low bank balance, but you will definitely remember the Q1 Salute at Armory.  And so brace yourselves for the roller-coaster ride that lies ahead. Don’t give importance to small failures, but enjoy moments of happiness and fun. Everything you want, will be yours – after all you are a WHARTON MBA (and if you are still not convinced go get a high-five from Kembrel!)  


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