The Spirit of Wharton

Halloween season always reminds me of Arnie. Like all Wharton students, Arnie pushed the boundaries of the extraordinary. But to call Arnie a student would miss most of the story; Arnie, you see, was a ghost.

You might wonder how a ghost wound up at Wharton. Arnie first haunted the halls of Huntsman around 2012 – after working several years in the linens department at Macy’s. He had always been a drifter, but seemed to find his niche at Macy’s. There he got top reviews. His boss told him often “you’re dead to me” – the nicest compliment a ghost can receive. But something was missing.

He dreamed of getting into PE – Paranormal Equity – a hot field to be sure (though valuations could be tricky). His manager warned him it could be a tough transition. The Prerequisites? A background in PE and good hair. He didn’t have either. But Arnie didn’t scare easily. He wouldn’t let another 345 years slip by. He lived by every ghost’s motto… YOLOFYou Only Live Once and then Forever. So he left his job and floated over to Wharton.  

At Wharton, Arnie found a vibrant social scene. He especially loved the White Party. For the first time, he could be himself. He checked out WGA’s rich social calendar and felt something else: FOMO. He joined every club (well, except hockey, since signups happened during the witching hour). And he haunted every trek (he was a frequent flyer alright). Pretty soon he was everywhere.

But by the March of 2014, Wharton had had enough. A lurking ghost left students unsettled. Arnie showing up in a selfie didn’t help matters. I needed to step in. So I pulled him aside and told him about JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out. Looks like that did the trick.

We haven’t heard from him since. I did see on LinkedIn that he, ultimately, pursued a career in Tech. He founded an app called Oooooooo-ber – sort of an Uber for scaring people (his lawyers argued the name was different enough). I’m glad he found his bliss. No doubt he has a long, bright future ahead.