Welcome the New Editors


Name: Emmanuel Chimezie

Title: Editor-In-Chief

Best & worst moment at Wharton so far: Best: Seeing Clyde open for Yung Joc. Worst: Spending too much time on CS

Vision for WJ: The Wharton Journal has a long history and I hope to contribute what I can to a great brand – by increasing readership among current students (EMBA and Full-time) and alumni, innovating on new models of content distribution, and increasing the digital footprint.


Name: Felicia Lixia Qian

Title: Editor-in-Chief

Best & worst moment at Wharton so far: Best: Any moment a classmate shared a story or did something that inspired me – that made me proud and thankful to be part of this awesome community.

Worst: Some day in Q2 when I was overwhelmed by recruiting and everything else happening.

Vision for WJ:  Build WJ an open and trustful platform that people will think about in the first place when they want to voice any opinion. Make essential contributions in making our community more inclusive and powerful. Enhance its online presence and visibility with high-quality contents and interactions.


Name: Abhishek Patel

Title: Executive Editor

Best & worst moment at Wharton so far: Best: Successful completion of the Atacama Venture. Worst: Academics (Thank God for Grade non-disclosure)

Vision for WJ: Build the Wharton Journal Brand – Informative & Investigative. More active involvement from alumni and developing content across industries. Scaling up viewership/readers.


Name: Deepika Priyadarshini

Title: Digital Editor

Best & worst moment at Wharton so far: My favorite moment was the Wharton Olympics: a super-hot day with temperatures hitting an extreme of 100 F but still all of us out in open competing for cluster points while forming those initial bonds. Worst: The first week of Q2 – with early morning coffee chats and late night networking events leaving no time to see my daughter.

Vision for WJ: I want to make Wharton Journal a part of your life: printed version in hands of every student and the digital platform as one of the most visited website.  My vision is to make the digital version an interactive way to build the community.


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