Welcome to Wharton


This is a start of a transformational journey — you will learn from the best business school faculty in the world, build strong and meaningful relationships with the most talented pool of business school students, and explore new avenues of professional and personal fulfillment — which will extend over a lifetime within a powerful network of 95,000 alumni.

Welcome Weekend is a great way for Wharton to celebrate your acceptance to our community and for you to learn more about our community. We will discuss academics, careers, leadership programs and student life activities. You’ll meet dozens of current Wharton students. You’ll meet representatives from our powerful faculty. And you will get to sample social life at Wharton through the reception at 2401 Walnut Street, small group dinners and the Saturday night soiree.

Through it all, we strongly urge you to ask questions. No question is too small or silly. We truly want you to leave Wharton with all the information you need in order to make the right decision about which business school is the best fit for YOU.

The Welcome Committee, the Student Life Fellows and the Student Life Team all look forward to meeting you this weekend! Enjoy!

Welcome. We are Wharton.

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