MBA Career Management: What’s New for 2017-2018

Throughout the year, MBA Career Management collects student feedback on how our office can better serve your needs. Based on student input last year, we are excited to announce several updates for 2017-2018:

  • Career Advising:
    • More appointments: Q1 advising appointments are now 30 minutes in length, which has allowed to increase the total number of available appointments each week by 50%.
    • Additional advisor: We are adding headcount to our advising team, and hope to fill the new role by Q2. This will further increase appointment availability.
    • Support for “undecided” students: For the first time, we have an advisor dedicated to supporting “undecided” students who may need additional guidance during the early self-assessment stage.  Jessica Katz (advisor for Investment Management) will advise this population leveraging her past experience in executive coaching and human capital consulting at Deloitte.
  • Self-Assessment:
    • CareerFit Part II: As a follow-up to the pre-term CareerFit workshop, we are introducing a second optional session available to both classes that will help students further explore their aspirations and define their personal calling and mission as it relates to their career.
  • International Student Support:
    • International student resource event: MBACM will host a Meet & Greet event with international students on September 12. Several advisors will be on-hand to chat with students and discuss the resources available to you, both within MBACM and across Wharton, as you prepare for recruiting.
    • Immigration Q&A podcast: We partnered with WG alumna and Learn Educate Discover podcast host Sonali Mangal to produce a podcast interview with immigration attorney Ron Klasko on students’ top U.S. immigration questions.
    • International student career alerts: We will continue our bi-weekly emails with tailored content – including job alerts and recruiting advice – for international students specifically targeting opportunities in the U.S.
  • Global Job Searches:
    • India & Singapore deep-dive: We are wrapping up our annual regional deep-dive project that focused on India and Singapore this year, adding to research gathered in past years on Western Europe, Brazil, Africa, China and Hong Kong. We will soon share our insights on the local MBA job market, recommended recruiting strategies and other insights from outreach meetings with employers and alumni in the region.
    • Global alumni chats: In parallel, we are expanding our Global Chats program to include alumni in India and Singapore. This program facilitates networking opportunities with alumni across the globe in top industries of interest.
  • Focused Recruiting Period:
    • FRP timing: FRP will move up this year (starting January 8) in response to student and employer feedback, a move that will enhance Wharton’s competitive positioning for interviews.

We encourage you to take advantage of these resources as you manage your internship or full-time job search, and we look forward to hearing your continued feedback on these or any other services we provide. Best of luck this quarter, and remember we are here to support you if and when you need us.


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