Final Friday Speech: (Prashant Dugar WG18)

Each one of us came to Wharton with a dream.
Some wanted to be top investors or consultants, some wanted to be leaders tech or consumer industries …. And some just wanted to fall in LOVE!You don’t believe me?

Well, in true Wharton style, I took the famous data-driven approach.

I spent countless hours stalking all of you on Facebook, Instagram, and Voyeur parties – an astonishing 53 couples got formed during last two years.

53 couples!!

That means that the industry of Love is the fourth largest employer at Wharton with 12.47% of batch as full-time recruits. And .. I am not even counting those who may have accepted the offers during the Beach Week!

Just for records, I am still single. DM me, if interested!

Nonetheless, as I was saying… each of us came to Wharton with a goal, my goal was to be “Shameless” … And buoy, this place is great at encouraging such behaviour.

For a person who has never been that adventurous – you auctioned me for a “charity” date auction, you inspired me to dance in an all girls group (Of course, I enjoyed it). Let me not reveal more embarrassingly shameless things that I have done.

But the point is that being shameless was important for me to be more assertive and get out of comfort zone, and you all have been so welcoming… so inclusive … and so ready to pitch-in when needed… Whether it be faculty, administrators, or my super fun learning team who went to great lengths to ensure that each one of us gets the best out of Wharton.

And gradually, with you all, in the midst of those negotiation and strategy classes, those recruiting coffee chats, those leadership ventures, and those pre-game and after parties – I became much more confident and aware of the brilliant people and ideas surrounding me. I was part of a whole new world.

So yes… I wanted to be shameless, and it’s safe to say I did quite well. But so did all of you!!! You all have been shameless in dreaming big. You have been shameless in not giving up when that 10th rejection came through. You have been shameless in being vulnerable and accepting vulnerability in others. That makes me confident that wherever we go as alumni of this GREAT institute.. We will continue to be fearlessly shameless and be positive agents of change, no matter what we do!

So… Class of 2018… as we celebrate the end of last two glorious years, I am very sure that we will continue working hard towards the best that is yet to come ! Perhaps that is why an alumnus once said to me:

“You know ..Wharton is a great place to be at, but, it is an EVEN better place to be from”

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