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Google, Laser Focus and Cold-Emailing Ben Horowitz Rap Lyrics: A Wharton Profile of Roger Chen, WG16

Many of you might not know who Roger Chen is, or would even recognize him if you saw him.  This is perhaps an unfortunate side effect of dedicating yourself to work, a project or an organization independent of the Wharton experience.  And yet, this fact, and the lack of public and consistent praise received from

FRP Archetypes

The dust is settling. Wharton’s official “Focused Recruiting Period” has ended. Whether recruiting for consulting, finance, technology, CP&G, or none of the above, we were all focused on a mission. Some walked away with multiple offers; others with that ever-important, one offer. Some may be still waiting, and others are in regrouping mode as they

Why You Should (Still) Read Books

Need to know what’s trending in the news? Look to your Facebook news feeds. Are you looking for instant updates in a news story? Twitter works. Left- or right- leaning political news? Turn on cable television and you know which channel to turn to. On the more scholarly side, since we are at business school,