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Moving Forward from Volume 60, Number 21

Moving Forward from Volume 60, Number 21

Speaking Volumes When newspapers put out an edition, two numbers are kept alongside the date of publication for historic timekeeping. The first, volume, signifies how many years the publication has been in print. The second, number, indicates how many issues that specific volume published. Well, for the past year The Wharton Journal has been printed

Stop Scalping Tickets, People!

  Red & Blue ball is sold out. White Party is sold out. Frankly, there will be plenty of other parties that will sell out as well.  If you desire to go to those events and do not possess a ticket, you should not be annoyed that you did not log on to Campus Groups

1Y On Lessons Learned From WG’15

The first time we met, you were wearing a suit sitting in the background awkwardly while evaluating a lofty discussion. The second time we met, you were wearing country club casual while getting hammered and tearing up the dance floor. The third time we met, you were wearing a navy colored t-shirt on a golf

Marketing 612 or Marketing 613?

“Ha that’s odd,” I thought to myself when I saw the spring semester course match results.  I saw I was enrolled in Marketing 612 and Marketing 613.  Thankfully Management 612 taught me to perform a SWOT analysis and I realized course match ability was firmly in my weakness category.  Maybe it was the brilliant manipulative

Commuting Guidance for the Class of 2017

Looking outside, you realize its spring.  Oh wait, it’s winter.  Oh wait, it’s spring again. The volatile weather may be a champagne problem, but it has spurred me to think about the best ways to commute from Rittenhouse Square to Huntsman Hall.  Below is the list from worst to best methods to make that 1.4