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Brian Rikuda’s Guide to Success

Brian Rikuda’s Guide to Success

One of a Kind Brian Rikuda is, to be perfectly literal, one of a kind. Half-Japanese, half-black. Stanford drop-out. Hip hop entrepreneur. Winner of BET’s Ultimate Hustler competition, Wharton MBA. Even his name, fashioned by his mother to be a kind of hybrid moniker—a combination of Riley (his father’s last name) and Ikeda (his mother’s)—has

David Fajgenbaum, “Leadership in Overdrive” Peer Perspectives On Leadership Talk

Last Monday, David Fajgenbaum (MED’13, WG’15) stood before a hushed auditorium and told us a story about tragedy and hope. As a freshman in college with the brightest of futures—a quarterback, medical scholar, beloved son and brother—David’s mother was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away his sophomore year. Wracked by grief but determined to