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Farewell to Wharton: The Good and the Bad

By David Teetzen WG ’14 I officially came to Wharton wanting to change careers.  Even though I had been at Amazon for five years, it had always been my dream to work for the airline industry.  But I really came to Wharton in search of myself.  I had moderate professional success and was fairly certain

Op Ed: Don’t Blame the Meteorologist

Two weeks ago Philadelphia received more than 13 inches of snow, bringing the transit system to a standstill midday – when almost all businesses and schools shut down early. Under similar circumstances, Atlanta experienced the same problems this past week, albeit on a much larger scale and after only two inches of snow fell. The

LGBT Perspectives

So, I might as well admit it: I’m gay.  I couldn’t deny it anyways (note to both gays and straights: iPhone make out photos are still discernible and incriminating).  While I can easily admit this now, any LGBT person you talk to can likely describe a long, sometimes painful journey to full acceptance and openness.