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Rebuilding Together Philly

Rebuilding Together Philly

Wharton MBAs live in two bubbles: one in Center City and one in Huntsman Hall. During our two years here, some feel we don’t spend much time outside of these bubbles and are often not given a lot of opportunities to do so. Over four days in March, the Wharton MBA community is invited and

Digging the new Digs

The onset of Wharton’s spring ’13 semester has also marked the unveiling of the school’s new Student Life space located on the 8th floor of 2401 Walnut Street. The space officially debuted with an Open House for all First Year students on January 15th. The event, which was moreover a soft-launch…appropriately featuring non-alcoholic sparkling cider, brought many students together

Title: West Fest 2012: All Roads Lead to the (California) Corner Office

After a few months of sub-par Mexican food in Philadelphia, a team of 30 First and Second Year Wharton students embarked on a cross-country trip to satiate their hunger for mission-style burritos in San Francisco and to meet with some of the hottest tech firms and start-up companies in the game.   West Fest, a

Bridge Cafe

After a 10-year run in Huntsman Hall, Au Bon Pain (ABP) closed its doors and the Heathland Hospitality Group took over managing the on-site food services at Wharton this summer. The impetus for change was improvement — trying to build on areas where ABP fell short. But has the locally grown era of the Bridge