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Make Wharton Great Again

Make Wharton Great Again

In 1972, our alma mater to-be made big moves and shortened its name from “The Wharton School of Finance and Commerce” to just “The Wharton School.” But we’ve carried the reputation for being a quant-heavy, finance school through the present, even without Donald Trump’s help. Recently though, Wharton has been trying to pivot from its

Finding a Home at Wharton

Let’s name drop. When I went to Harvard, I was surrounded by the one percent of the one percent: Blankfeins, Wassersteins, Kushners­­—even one guy who was famous for being on a crappy reality TV show. But as an 18-year-old aspiring journalist who didn’t know what Investment Banking was—let alone who ran Goldman Sachs—I formed lifelong

The Best Viral Valentine’s Day Posts

Valentine’s Day. The most anticipated—or, depending on where you stand, hated—day of the year. But instead of sending candygrams or chocolates, this year your Wharton classmates decide to inundate your Facebook feed with would-be viral, Valentines’s Day posts. While we prefer love notes to listicles, The Wharton Journal is doing its part and spreading the love

What if Wharton Changed its Logo like Google?

This past week Google debuted its new logo and the public reaction was swift and sharp. “The new logo retains the rainbow of colors but sheds the grownup curlicues: it now evokes children’s refrigerator magnets, McDonald’s French fries, Comic Sans. Google took something we trusted and filed off its dignity,” wrote The New Yorker. “Google’s

Wharton Ski Week 2015

Top 10 Highlights of Ski Trip

It’s back to hitting the books, so let’s remember last weekend when we were hitting the slopes at Ski Trip 2015. Here, our favorite moments from the awesome trip organized by the Wharton Ski and Snowboarding Club. (photo credit: @muratsito)   Bright Lights, Neon City The Full Moon Party was a full out success in