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Professor Profiles: Marshall Fisher

Professor Profiles: Marshall Fisher

Marshall Fisher is a UPS Professor of Operations and Information Management at Wharton. His research and teaching focuses on retailing and supply chain management and has published 4 books on the subject matter. I launch with my standard warm-up question by asking Professor Fisher how he first became interested in supply chain and retailing. I

Professor Profiles: Laura Huang

Laura Huang is an Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship. Professor Huang’s research examines early-stage investment decisions, and how perceptions and cues influence an individuals’ ability to make important, high-stakes decisions. She is currently studying how an investor’s gut feel plays a role in entrepreneurial decision-making, in addition to business viability data. Professor Huang has

Professor Profiles: Patti Williams

Patti Williams is an Ira A. Lipman Associate Professor of Marketing at Wharton. Her research and teaching focuses on conscious and non-conscious processes in consumer decision-making, emotion regulation, emotional and attitudinal ambivalence, and the persuasive effects of emotion. Professor Williams squeezes me in for a quick chat right before she heads off for the weekend

Professor Profiles: Nicolaj Siggelkow

Nicolaj Siggelkow is a David M. Knott Professor and Co-Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at Wharton. His research and teaching focuses on competitive strategy, evolution of fit, and firms as systems of interconnected choices.   I walk into Professor Siggelkow’s office and he immediately apologizes for the mess. He’s in the middle

Professor Profiles: Todd Sinai

Todd Sinai is an Associate Professor of Real Estate and Business Economics and Public Policy. His research focuses on commercial real estate and REITs, real estate and public economics, risk and pricing in housing markets, taxation of real estate and capital gains.   “Interesting things happen when people need a place to live; they have

Professor Profiles: Dr. Americus Reed II

By Emma Gow WG ‘14   Professor Americus Reed II is the Marketing Department’s only “identity theorist,” focusing his research on the role consumers’ self concepts play in guiding buying decisions.   Having stalked Americus via his eponymous website , I jump right in to asking him about the site’s tagline.   “What’s a

Professor Profiles: Kartik Hosanagar

Professor Profiles is a Wharton Journal series featuring unique stories and unknown facts about Wharton faculty.   Kartik Hosanagar is an associate professor of Information and Operations Management; his research focuses on various aspects of Internet commerce, including digital media and Internet marketing.   I step into Professor Hosanagar’s office as another student dashes out,