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The Magic at Google

Google’s EIS at Wharton has one of the highest attendance rates in recent years, surpassing even Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. Students from all walks of life, who invested hundreds of hours interviewing for other industries, all showed up to listen to what Google had to say. This matters not just because recruiting season is in

The One and Only Malala

Few people can equate their life to a movie without sounding pretentious and trite. But Malala Yousafzai, the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and a courageous survivor of Taliban brutality, simply and earnestly painted the contrast of her early childhood as an innocent, happy girl against the terrible incident that transformed her into a

Effective Marketing in Club Leadership

You took MKTG611. You thoroughly did not enjoy learning how to sell toothbrushes in India. You decided that you never wanted to touch marketing again. So you got yourself a banking internship for the summer and success! But if you are at all involved in extracurricular activities here at Wharton, then you never steered that

Battle of the Bands

Now that you have witnessed the fighting prowess of your peers, are you ready to be serenaded? On Wednesday, April 16th, the 7th annual Wharton Battle of the Bands is taking place at the Theatre of Living Arts. This event is sponsored by the Wharton Marketing Club and has grown in popularity with 600 in

Debora Spar – Confessions of a Reluctant Feminist

The feminist movement of the 1960s fought to grant women equal rights, opened the door to a myriad of opportunities and aimed to liberate women from their conventional role inside the home. Much progress has been made since then, but much more remains to be challenged. Debora Spar, President of Barnard College and former tenured

Power and Ethics – Lessons from Game of Thrones

For those of you who haven’t seen Game of Thrones, it’s a great show, and you should watch it as a reward for finishing FRP. Now imagine that you are a character in the series stuck in an epic power struggle filled with wars, assassinations, dark magic and treason. Do you execute a fellow commander

How to Achieve Service, Community and Leadership through the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program

We all experience Wharton’s reputation as a student-driven program daily in the extracurricular activities that we participate in, the conferences that we attend and even the classes that we take. A great embodiment of this spirit is the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program (NBLP), pioneered by students in 2006 and now officially a fellowship offered through