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De-mystifying the Team Based Discussion

De-mystifying the Team Based Discussion

Do you want to meet other interesting and well-qualified people from all different backgrounds? Do you want to immerse yourself in a real team environment? Do you want to exchange stimulating ideas on a topic that has global reach? Welcome to the Team Based Discussion, the group interview process pioneered at the Wharton School which

How to Get Your Fill of Spook

Yes, we are in business school – doing important things such as acing that MGEC final, managing to grab a room at Breckinridge and remembering to dress all spiffy for the EIS’s. But life is not complete without a little terror, so make sure you get yours this Halloween. Philadelphia presents an impressive array of

Out4Biz and the Ally Program

Allies and Out4Biz members sport their Ally t-shirts outside Hunstman. Photo credit: Alina Costica In addition to throwing some of the best parties at Wharton, Out4Biz is actively working on initiatives to further promote the LGBT cause and enhance Wharton’s reputation as one of the most welcoming and open-minded business schools. The new Ally Program

Smart is the New Cool

Two weeks ago, Stephan Dieckmann, Deputy Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, sent out a congratulatory email regarding the Class of 2014 academic awards. The decision process for these awards is often quite difficult due to the large pool of qualified candidates.  The honors not only recognize academic excellence, but they also commend students for being