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Y-Prize Business Plan Competition Finalist: Y-Prize

by Izzy Park WG’15   TRHex: Emily Plumb (M Eng’14) TRHex (Teaching Robot Hexapod) is a six legged robot based curriculum designed to facilitate hands-on experience with STEM topics for K-12 students. This robotic platform is to be used with dedicated curriculum designed to inspire interest in engineering careers by providing concrete links between theory

Mohit Bhende WG’08 – Co-Founder of CoTrain

Co-Founder, CoTrain ( Wharton Journal: How did you arrive at the idea for CoTrain? I developed a deep passion for hiring talent during my time at XBOX.  As I built up my own team, I ran into lots of inefficiencies and missed opportunities in recruiting top talent.  More specifically, I realized that interviewing was incredibly

Getting Up Close & Personal With Harry’s CEO, Jeff Raider (WG’10)

Follow us on Facebook for more from the Wharton Journal. Speaking to a packed room in Hunstman Hall, Jeff Raider (WG’10) and Jason Semine (WG’10, Law’10) shared their vision for Harry’s, a 10-month-old shaving supply startup that’s raised $122.5M and recently purchased a German razor blade manufacturer. The serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Warby Parker,

Wharton Business Plan Competition Series: Matthew Tanzer, Chief Commercial Officer of RightCare Solutions

This article is a part of a special series on the Wharton Business Plan Competition (WPBC). Today, we talk to Matt Tanzer (W’02, WG’12), Chief Commercial Officer of RightCare Solutions. RightCare Solutions was started by three Wharton founders and took first place in the 2012 WBPC. Wharton Journal: What was the inspiration behind starting RightCare? 

Scott Lehman (WG14) of electricMVMT on how to amass over 20,000 likes like it ain’t no thang

Thinking of what to wear to this year’s Coachella 2014 Music Festival? Will it be an instant hit? Scott Lehman (WG14) thinks he can make it happen. Started by Scott and his childhood friend Shaun Bluethenthal, electricMVMT’s light-up hoodies are taking music festivals by storm. Like all great music festivals, it’s hard to describe the

ProfessorWord, An Approach To Personalized Learning

The term “ed-tech” seems to be quite the buzz these days. We’ve seen an explosion of ed-tech startups that encompasses everything from digital classroom smart boards to online collaborative learning platforms. Today, we had the opportunity to speak with Betty Hsu (WG14), co-founder of ProfessorWord. She has taken an innovative approach to personalized learning through