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For the Love of Snakes, Online Ads & Cancer Cures: Invite Media’s Nat Turner (W’08) Turns a Page After >$80M Google Exit

Nat Turner (W’08) doesn’t stand still. As a sophomore at Wharton in 2007, Nat started Invite Media, the ad technology startup that birthed the concept behind what is now known in the industry as Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). With his 3 other co-founders from UPenn, Nat grew Invite Media to a hefty $80M exit to

Salsa, Cervezas and Lentescol – New Wharton-born Startup Makes Waves in Colombia

Colombia isn’t just a place where Whartonites go every winter break to down shots of Aguardiente, binge on their favorite Colombian cerveza or dance salsa in Bogota’s swankiest discotecas. It’s also a booming economy with a burgeoning tech scene. Nouras Haddad, Diego Marino and Jaime Oriol (WG’14) are among many entrepreneurs gearing up to disrupt

Goodbye Pagers, Hello Seratis: HealthCare Communications Get a Makeover with Divya Dhar & Lane Rettig’s (WG’14) New Mobile Communications App

Having spent her pre-Wharton days as a practicing physician, Divya has had it with the pager. They’re time consuming, expensive, and should have no place in 21st century healthcare. Outdated technologies like pagers are said to cost the average US hospital over $10 million each year, with the average doctor losing more than 45 minutes

No WhartoniteSeeksCodeMonkeys for Jake Schwartz (WG’08) at General Assembly

Wharton MBAs cooking up the next-billion dollar web success might think they’ve got their entrepreneurship 101 after taking that MGMT801 class. But what about Agile Project Management with SCRUM, Data-Driven UX Design, A Hands-On Introduction to Building Wireframes, or Making Something People Love? These are just a few of the online and on-campus courses offered

Travel Planning is Easy Peasy with Tripeese

  While the rest of us were out gallivanting in different parts of the world this summer, Rodrigo Boscolo (WG’14) was hard at work making sure we never have to deal with the headaches and inefficiencies of group travel planning ever again. Rodrigo’s startup combines the social features familiar on Facebook with the ability

Dorm Room Fund’s First Investment, Firefly, Makes Instant Screen Sharing Easy Breezy

  Penn Philosophy undergrad major and serial entrepreneur Dan Shipper (UPenn ’14) is a hot commodity these days. When not fielding funding offers from top-tier VCs and angel investors, rejecting a much-talked-about viral online job offer by Jason Freedman of 42Floors, or rubbing elbows with the likes of Jason Fried of 37Signals, Dan is hard