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The Warby Parker of Jeans

The Warby Parker of Jeans

Solomon Liou (WG’10) wants you to look tres chic with revolutionary online jeans brand Parke New York. The newest addition to the growing lineup of Wharton-founded startups looking to disrupt the online retail space through niche offerings, Parke New York combines cutting-edge technology, tasteful design and premium fabrics to shake up the world of denim.

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Pymetrics

Move over, MBTI — upcoming new startup Pymetrics seeks to revolutionize the world of self-assessment tools based on neuroscience research instead of behavioral psychology. We speak with Pymetrics co-founder and CEO Frida Polli, PhD, to learn more about the company. Wharton Journal: Tell us the story behind Pymetrics. How does an MBA graduate end up