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A book review and a love letter

A book review and a love letter

Let’s get one thing straight before we start. I don’t like Ezra Klein. I love Ezra Klein. Not because people say the neoliberal heartthrob is as charming as he is handsome (although all those things are true!) and not because I often agree with positions of the center-left technocrat (I actively try to read people

Reflections on My First Semester at Wharton

Before Pre-Term, during Pre-term, and throughout this semester, I was given a plethora of advice and predictions from 2nd years. Some of this I was skeptical of, but in retrospect, it all seemed prescient. They said not to spend too much time on academics. I was skeptical. They were right. While the classes themselves are

Stephen Dubner Explains How to Think Like a Freak

A recap of last week’s Authors@Wharton Speaker Series featuring award-winning author, journalist, and radio and TV personality Stephen Dubner   Check your junk mail folder.  The odds are good that there is a letter from someone claiming to be a Nigerian prince.  If you just send him a small amount of money, he will send