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Wharton Profs Write Playbook on Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook is a refreshing perspective on social entrepreneurship from the lens of acclaimed Wharton Professors Ian C. MacMillan and James D. Thompson. I had the opportunity to read the book and privilege to speak with the professors on the motivation behind the book. What I learned is that The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook

It’s Elementary, My Dear Harry!

The Founders Club organized a talk by Jeffrey Raider and Jason Semine – Wharton Alumni, serial entrepreneurs and founders of Harry’s. Harry’s is the new kid on the shaving block. It is not even a year old and has questioned the age-old paradigms that have dictated the industry. Harry’s is a game changer and the story is

Experiencing Silence

Silence dawned on me as if it was the morning light, sending in waves of luminous energy through every inch of my body. I could feel the sensation—the clarity—the state of complete blankness yet with answers to every perceivable question. I was amazed that this radiant energy, this calm soul, over flowing with love and

Shock and Smile: Silent Memoirs of People Who Are Changing the World

Story of the Henry & Marcelle Morgenthau Fellows: Wharton Public Policy Initiative The unquenchable thirst to make an impact, change lives, ‘be a force for social good’ is what defines each recipient of the Henry & Marcelle Morgenthau Fellowship. The Business Economics and Public Policy initiative at Wharton presents this fellowship to distinguished students for

Winning in Africa: The 21st Wharton Africa Businesss Forum (WABF)

The 21st Wharton Africa Business Forum (WABF) organized by the Wharton African Students’ Association (WASA) and the greater University of Pennsylvania focused on the theme “Succeeding in Africa: Translating Opportunities into Growth”. It gave voice to the story of the individuals driving the new Africa story and showcased the best of African entrepreneurial spirit, enlightened

Forget the Clock, Get a Compass

Mornings usually start early – the alarm bell goes, sleepy eyed I stare at my phone is disbelief. Not realizing I just let my body rest for 5 hours, my only question is: ‘How is it 6:00am so soon?’  Running through the morning chores at blitzkrieg—check email, get that caffeine shot, remember to put on