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Perspectives on Leadership: David Klein

Perspectives on Leadership: David Klein

As part of the “Perspectives on Leadership” series, David Klein (WG ‘13) talked about his unique leadership experiences, filled with courage in discovering his own path and following his intuitions. David defines a leader as “a pathfinder.” David, through his bold experiences, highlighted the most important tool before embarking on that journey: “knowing thyself”. As a leader, it is important to first find your own path before helping others

Jamie Peace (WG’13) : Leadership under Fire

During 10 years of accomplished military service, Jamie served his country all over the globe with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, commanding 35 special operations missions. In his Perspectives on Leadership talk, Jamie highlighted key aspects of his leadership style that proved very effective in leading high performance teams in the most challenging war

James Tanabe: Creative Leadership

  Having worked in 18 countries and being fluent in six languages, James Tanabe (WG’13) is one of the most non-traditional people you could find at Wharton. To add to the uniqueness, consider this: he was a triple major at MIT and worked at NASA in Space Physics before leaving to train at the National

Dominic Skerritt: Service Leadership

While serving in Afghanistan, Dominic (“Dom”) Skerritt (WG’12) demonstrated his leadership skills in one of the most grueling places on Earth. This past December, Dom shared his lessons on service-oriented leadership as part of the Perspectives on Leadership series.   At a young age, Dom capitalized on the opportunity he was afforded through a government-sponsored